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Clinical Pharmacology

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Our division specializes in the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, the leading cause of heart disease, and hypercholesterolemia. We treat most risk factors, in particular cholesterol, which can cause cardiovascular disease.

Regional leader

For the past 16 years our clinic has been the only center in Kansas and Missouri to perform LDL-apheresis, which removes cholesterol by up to 80 percent in one to two hours. Learn more.

Global expert

Our director, Dr. Patrick Moriarty, is one of the world's foremost authorities on LDL-apheresis, a procedure that filters the plasma resulting in an acute reduction of LDL cholesterol, markers of inflammation and blood rheology. Learn more.

Clinical trials

Our division is also involved in clinical studies of new investigational medications for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Learn more.

Last modified: Aug 12, 2020

Patrick Moriaty

Divisional Contacts
Academic: 913-588-6057
Clinical: 913-588-3986