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At KU Integrative Medicine, we're passionate about helping people heal themselves naturally by meeting the body's foundational needs: good nutrition, quality sleep, joy and movement. Through our research and education programs, we are dedicated to advancing the field of integrative medicine and spreading the use of integrative techniques among health professionals everywhere.

What is integrative medicine? Integrative medicine is an approach that incorporates mainstream medicine with complementary therapies generally not considered to be part of conventional care, with a focus on the root causes of disease and wellness. Here at KU Integrative Medicine, we have a focus on biomedical integrative therapies, including our groundbreaking research on intravenous (IV) vitamin C as a complementary therapy for cancer patients.

Looking for information about our clinic? The Integrative Medicine clinic at The University of Kansas Health System offers services including nutrition counseling, IV nutritional therapies, neurofeedback, and medical acupuncture. Learn more about these services on our clinical website.

Our Services
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NUTRITION: Eating healthy is the key to feeling good and being well. Our counseling includes meal planning and supplements based on your biochemistry, lifestyle and food preferences. Let us help you create a personalized nutrition plan or sign up for a cooking class. Learn more >

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NEUROFEEDBACK: You can rebalance your brain, and by doing so address stress, fatigue, pain and negative behaviors and emotions in your life. Our treatment maps your brain's activity, allowing patients to visualize its patterns and alter its function. Learn more >

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INFUSION: Research shows that intravenous vitamin C at high doses, used in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation, kills cancer cells in the early stages of the disease. We offer this additional treatment in conjunction with a patient's chemotherapy regimen. Learn more >

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We're hiring a new director

KU Medical Center is looking for a new director of Integrative Medicine. This physician will also be medical director of Wellness Services, a new Health System-wide directive. Are you a physician with a passion for wellness and lifestyle medicine? Learn more about the position here.

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Herbal remedies

Online education program

We're preparing to launch a series of online education modules designed to help health professionals adopt integrative techniques in their daily practice. Learn more here.

2018 Fellowship

Learn more about the fellowshipThe fellowship for August 2017 has been filled.

Applications for the August 2018 fellowship are welcome. 

Deadline: January 15, 2018

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