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Logan Clendening Anesthesia Collection

About the Collection

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The nucleus of the Logan Clendening Anesthesia Collection began with Dr. Clendening's personal collection. His wife, Dorothy Hixon Clendening, was actively involved in his interest and in 1935, she gifted him with a purchased collection of anesthesia pamphlets, autographs and association items described by Dr. Clendening and listed in the finding aid. He actively added more items to this group, and the complete collection came to the library at his death in 1945.

As time progressed other anesthesia books and collections were added to the Clendening History of Medicine Library. Dentist Dr. Ralph Edwards, who was proclaimed as the 'one-man "Friends of the Library" organization', acquired dental books, articles, papers, and artifacts. He also donated money for specific suggested purchases and he encouraged others to do the same. He procured many items from his friend and colleague, Dr. Edward Bumgardner, a dentist/physician in Lawrence, Kansas. The items listed with a "B" on the finding aid indicate donations from Dr. Bumgardner's Collection.

Dr. Thor Jager, a Wichita, Kansas internist, was a discerning rare book collector. When his notable collection was donated to the Clendening in 1971, it contained many seminal anesthesia pamphlets along with books and items by authors including Claude Bernard, Humphry Davy, Nathan Rice, C.T. Jackson, Truman Smith and Karl Schleich.

In 1998, the Library participated in the Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine sale at Christie's. Purchases included a collection of works on mesmerism.

Recognizing the relationship among Mesmerism, anesthesia and hypnotism, a gift of a hypnotism/animal magnetism collection came to the library in 2010 from Dr. Robert Hillman, the first recipient of the Logan Clendening Traveling Fellowship in the History of Medicine. Dr. Hillman's 1962 stay in Paris for his fellowship allowed him to purchase these books directly from the famous book stalls.

Please contact the Rare Book Librarian if you have any questions about this brief overview of the Logan Clendening Anesthesia Collection at the Clendening History of Medicine Library.

Read Dr. Logan Clendening's description of his anaesthesia collection. . . Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1945 January; 33(1): 124-138. (Linked with permission, 2011.)

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018