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Online Catalog

The Clendening History of Medicine Library shares an online catalog with the medical libraries on the Kansas City (Dykes Library) and Wichita (Farha Library) campuses.The new catalog debuted in the Fall of 2011. The Dykes Library home page has Quik Links to online journals, and other web-based resources. Advanced searching and search limits are available in the new catalog.

Scope of coverage - as of November, 2011, about 90 per cent of the Clendening Library holdings are included in the online catalog. Those items not included in the online catalog are currently accessible via a card catalog or library documents.

Please call 913.588.7244 or send an e-mail if you did not find an item in our online catalog. We will be happy to check the card catalog and other resources to determine if the item is held by the Clendening Library.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018