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The KU Experience

See how residents and fellows at the University of Kansas Medical Center are making their mark through leadership and innovation.

Regional Leader in Academic Medicine

The University of Kansas Health System and the University of Kansas Medical Center work together to offer the region’s premier academic medical center, located in Kansas City, Kansas. The health system provides the facilities, operating rooms, pharmacy, nurses and other staff and equipment that serve to deliver high-quality, nationally recognized patient care. The health system also funds, in whole or in part, hundreds of residency positions at the medical center to fulfill its education mission and to train additional physicians. Physicians who practice at the hospital are on faculty at the medical center, and many are engaged in clinical research, advancing medicine as they care for patients at the bedside. These organizations, working together, use research and continuous improvement to advance the power of medicine.

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Resident Council

Meet our 2023-2024 KU Medical Center Leadership Council. These individuals help advance priorities for our residents and fellows, such as education, work-life balance and safety.

View the Current Peer Nominated Resident Council and GMEC Membership List (PDF).

2023-2024 Leadership Pictured Below -

Top Row:

  • President –Paul James Fletcher, Anesthesiology, PGY2
  • Vice President Hospital Relations- Connor King, General Surgery PGY2
  • Vice President of Social Media – Kelsey Lambou, General Surgery PGY1
  • Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Thomas Schermoly, General Surgery PGY3

Bottom Row:

  • Vice President Resident Life – Katie Grabowski, General Surgery, PGY1
  • Vice President Safety and Quality – Ryan Garwood, Internal Medicine, PGY1
  • Vice President Education- Daniel Ortiz, Psychiatry, PGY3
  • Secretary- Joshua Shahbandeh, General Surgery PGY3


2023- 2024 Additional GMEC Resident Council GMEC Representatives

L to R- Jordan Jensen Ophthalmology PGY2; Rachel Chu, Ophthalmology PGY2,  Jackson Voss, Internal Medicine Prelim PGY1,   Anna Sharabura Internal Medicine Prelim PGY1,  Amber McMahon Urology, PGY1

Meet the newly elected 2024-2025 Leadership

View the Incoming Peer Nominated Resident Council and GMEC Membership List (PDF).

Top Row:

  • President- Paul Fletcher, Anesthesiology, PGY4
  • Vice President Hospital Relations- Matt Castinado, Anesthesiology, PGY3
  • Vice President of Social Media- Dominic Cancino, Obstetrics and Gynecology, PGY3
  • Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Kwabena Lartey, Anesthesiology, PGY2

Bottom Row:

  • Vice President Resident Life- Kellie Griffin, Anesthesiology, PGY2
  • Vice President Safety and Quality- Alex Reeb, General Surgery, PGY4
  • Vice President Education- Lauren Kennedy, Internal Medicine, PGY3
  • Secretary- Tate Gilchrist, Anesthesiology, PGY4

2024- 2025 Additional GMEC Resident Council GMEC Representatives

L to R: William Liakos, Dermatology PGY3; Amber McMahon, Urology PGY3; Mathew Moreno, Plastic Surgery PGY6; Courtney Dorris, Anesthesiology PGY3; Kelsey Gustafson, Anesthesiology PGY3

Social Activities

Throughout the year, we host a variety of friendly competitions, cultural events and community building opportunities. From our annual art show to the GME Fitness Challenge to fun virtual events hosted by Resident Council, we are always looking for new ways to bring our community of residents and fellows together. We frequently share photos from our activities and announcements about upcoming events on our social media channels. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter to stay in touch. 

Annually our residents hold a Holiday Decoration Contest, check out our 2023 Submissions


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Stipends and Benefits

Visit our Stipends page to see current salaries for each post-graduate year. Our Residents and Fellows Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF) includes detailed benefits information.

Financial Wellness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Implemented in 2007, PSLF gives graduates of professional degree programs who practice in public service settings an opportunity to have their educational debt forgiven after 10 years of service and loan payments. This program is available to health professions students and other professionals in public service fields such as social workers, teachers and psychologists.

PSLF looks to encourage young professionals to start their careers in traditionally underserved public settings by reducing the financial insecurity caused by high loan debt. Without PSLF, debt for those hoping to practice in rural or underserved areas could become insurmountable. To receive University Approval and for the University EIN and HR approval please contact University HR at 913-588-5080.

For more information about PSLF, visit the Federal Student Aid website

457 Plan

A 457 plan is a deferred compensation plan, not a retirement plan. The plan allows for a portion of salary to be tax-deferred – or a part of income can be redirected to the account – and that portion of income is not included in taxable income. A 457 plan can be used as an emergency savings account, to pay for college, deferred until retirement or rolled into an IRA.

If you're interested in more information about 457 Plans, visit the IRS website, which has FAQs, forms and other resources.

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