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Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Resident Instagram takeover @kumc_gme weekly now through December

Graduate Medical Education (GME) prepares physicians for practice in a medical specialty through residency and fellowship educational programs.

The single most important responsibility of the GME is to provide residents and fellows in programs, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), with organized educational support, guidance, and supervision for professional and personal growth while also providing appropriate patient care.

GME focuses on the accreditation of residency and fellowship programs and provides oversight for each training program through six competencies: Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Interpersonal Communication, Practice Based Learning, Systems Based Practice and Professionalism. The GME process is intended to prepare physicians for independent practice of medicine, without direct supervision as well as assisting in the commitment to the lifelong learning process that is critical for maintaining professional growth and competency.

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Pictured Above - 

  1. Featured in these photos are several residents that have checked out the new, quiet, wearable, breast pumps and milk fridges offered on loan for up to one year! This is offered to residents to meet ACGME Common Program Requirement I.D.2.c). Equiptment provided by the GMEC Subcommittee for Wellness.
  2. Photos from the annual National Physician Suicide Awareness Day event held at KU on 9/16/2019. The tree pictured was planted in 2018 and is decorated with memorial ribbons to honor those affected. 
  3. Photos from the 1st Annual Resident/Faculty/Med Student Art Show hosted by GME and leadership from Med Intima,a creative online publication dedicated to community, creativity, and culture at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. 
  4. More photos from the 1st Annual Resident/Faculty/Med Student Art Show held on 12/3/2019.
  5. Photos from the 1st Annual Chili Cookoff held on 1/27/2020 and hosted by GME. 

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Last modified: Oct 20, 2020