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KU Family Medicine Residency Program

Come to KU to experience a program dedicated to education and training competent family physicians for any environment. Our graduates work in almost every setting: urban, rural, suburban, and international.

The University of Kansas Hospital values the contributions of family physicians so much that we have a dedicated family medicine floor in the hospital, working with unit nurses committed to being on the family medicine team with our residents.

The University of Kansas Family Medicine Residency is part of a renowned academic medical center in the urban area of a rural state. We are grounded in community medicine and have respected researchers. Residents benefit from the depth and breadth of our program, its faculty, and training sites. Such variety allows you to focus your training to choose the path that best suits your needs, hopes, and dreams.

Our Aim

To develop physician leaders who partner with their communities to decrease health disparities. We do this by fulfilling our mission.

Our Mission

Training intellectually curious, compassionate, competent family physicians committed to caring for the underserved.

Countless Opportunities to fulfill our Mission:


  • We work in a university hospital that has recognized Family Medicine and we have dedicated a unit to our inpatient team. On this unit we huddle with the nurses, social workers, nurse case managers, pharmacists and others on that unit to collaborate on patient care.
  • We utilize an Integrated Behavioral Health model in our outpatient clinic, working with our clinical psychologists and social worker to address our patients' mental health and to focus on social determinants of health affecting our patients.


  • Provide prenatal care in a safety net clinic (M.O.M. Clinic) and deliver these underserved women.
  • Through partnership with another safety net clinic (KC Care Clinic) residents learn about and provide HIV care as a Family Medicine physician.
  • Provide adolescent healthcare at a high school-based clinic (Bulldoc).
  • Complete high school sports physicals at a local high school 3 times per school year.

Intellectually rigorous

  • Our passionate Family Medicine faculty encourage and coach residents to be intellectually curious and support their medical decision-making with evidence and current guidelines.
  • Our faculty have a wide range of interests, from community-based participatory research to medical student education to inpatient medicine to obstetrics to point of care ultrasound and more.
  • Wednesday afternoon interactive didactics led by a variety of Family Medicine faculty and invited guest speakers.
  • Weekly morning report led by residents on interesting and/or complex cases that is a combined event for faculty and residents
  • Residents are teachers at our institution, working with medical students as a PGY-2 and 3. Residents have opportunities to perfect their own teaching/precepting skills, even completing a Residents as Teachers course.

This is only a glimpse of what our residency program offers. There are countless opportunities here that can enhance your education as a resident, which I find to be exciting as a former resident and now Program Director. We utilize the resources of our multi-specialty university hospital, a local VA hospital, the local children's hospital, and community resources to train residents in all aspects of family medicine. 

If you are interested in rotating through our department as a fourth year medical student please apply via VSAS and your application will be considered.I hope you consider applying to the University of Kansas Family Medicine Residency!

Kelsie Kelly MD, MPH
Program Director
Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center

Come explore why the University of Kansas Family Medicine Residency Program is the right choice for you!

Last modified: Mar 24, 2021

Kelsie Kelly, MD, MPH
KU Family Medicine
Residency Program

Kristen Estrada
Senior Residency Program Coordinator

Residency Office

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