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Honors & Awards

2019 University of Alabama Honors Day

Inaugural Recipient of the Graduate Award from the Department of Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science in the Culverhouse College of Business - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

Elected Fellow, American Statistical Association

2011 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

2013 - Scott M. Berry, Ph.D. 

2017 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D. 

Excellence in Mentoring Award

2007 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA 

Excellence in Public Health Teaching Award

2007 - Jonathan D. Mahnken, Ph.D. 

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award, University of Kansas Department of Biostatistics & Data Science

2010-2011 - Michael Brimacombe, Ph.D.

2011-2012 - Jo A. Wick, Ph.D.

2012-2013 - Jo A. Wick, Ph.D.  

2013-2014 - Michael Brimacombe, Ph.D.

2014-2015 - Devin C. Koestler, Ph.D.

2016-2017 - Francisco J. Diaz, Ph.D.

2017-2018 - Jianghua (Wendy) He, Ph.D.

PStat® Accredited Professional Statistician, American Statistical Association

2010 - Jonathan D. Mahnken, Ph.D.

2012 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

2013 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D.

2014 - Shana L. Palla, MS

Director's Award: Faculty from the American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance

2013 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D.

2014 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

Research Grant Administrator Award

2011 - Megan Tremblay

Mabel A. Woodyard Fellowship in Neurodegenerative Disorders

2015 - Alex Karanevich, Biostatistics Ph.D. Student

Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute

2015 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D.

BERD Trailblazer Awards


Francisco Diaz, Ph.D.

Byron Gajewski, Ph.D.

Jinxiang Hu, Ph.D.

Jonathan Mahnken, Ph.D.

Milind Phadnis, Ph.D.


Leonidas Bantis, Ph.D.

Prabhakar Chalise, Ph.D.


Last modified: Dec 02, 2020