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Social Skills Training

Children with a developmental disorder can struggle socially and this can put them at risk of being isolated and/or bullied.  Social skills training should be an important consideration in supporting children and teens with an autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disorders.  Our program is unique in that it is 1) "peer mediated" meaning trained, typically developing peers are included to promote and reinforce appropriate skills and 2) occur during naturally occurring social activities to provide opportunities to generalize the skills they have learned in our socials skills group. 

The CCHD offers the social skills group:
          Girls Night Out (GNO)

Girls Night Out (GNO) is a social skills and self-care program for girls with developmental disorders, including autism. Specific social and self-care skills are taught and practiced within age appropriate self-care or leisure activities in community settings (e.g., restaurant, park, salon, coffee shop, fitness center). GNO is unique in that it targets females and utilizes curriculum designed to promote both social skills as well as self-care skills related to hygiene and appearance that are important for young girls and women. GNO is an opportunity for your daughter to interact with other girls her age, learn social skills related to having friends, social conversation, and "hanging out" with other girls, practice skills related to hygiene and appearance, and most importantly ... HAVE FUN!  Learn more...




Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
Our Team

Girls' Night Out is supervised and facilitated by Dr. Rene Jamison, with graduate students from our interdisciplinary training program as co-facilitators. Please direct any specific questions to Dr. Jamison.

Rene Jamison
• 913-588-5590


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