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Consult Clinics

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The CCHD recognizes that parents usually have questions following the evaluation process. They often want to understand how to help their child's language grow, how to respond to challenging behavior, how to structure their home environment, and how to create opportunities for their child to practice social skills.

Consult Clinics were created to give parents 1:1 time with a professional to learn about various techniques they can be doing at home. Parents may be referred to a consult clinic following the evaluation of their child at the CCHD if more information is needed to help learn what can be done at home and in the community.

Families frequently ask for help with:

  • Sleep issues
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Understanding behavioral strategies
  • Visual supports
  • How to promote social interactions
  • How to navigate the service system
  • Identifying resources and supports

Our follow-up services to families will:

  • Provide information about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, effective ABA programs, how to access ABA providers, and options in paying for services
  • Help families identify visual supports to promote independence and compliance with routines in the home, and instruction for developing supports specific to your child
  • Help families identify strategies and routines to promote healthy sleep, nutrition, and behaviors
  • Identify strategies to promote social skills to encourage generalization, video modeling techniques, reinforcement of behavior and skills
  • Identify services available to your child and how to access these services at state and local levels

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
Who should attend?

Sessions are designed for the child's parents and/or other adults living in the family home. Families are encouraged to find child care or bring someone to care for your child during the session.

Cost: All services are self-pay. Documentation will be provided for your records.

Make an appointment:

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