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Clinical Services

The Center for Child Health and Development (CCHD) at KU Medical Center offers clinics and services to children and families who need evaluation, diagnosis, and follow-up for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), developmental disabilities, Fragile X, and behavioral health problems. CCHD also serves children with special health care needs.Our clinics focus on diagnosing and treating children and educating parents to promote the well-being of the entire family.

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Our specialty clinics focus on diagnosing and treating children and educating parents to promote the well-being of the entire family. We offer the following clinics and services:

Interdisciplinary Team Evaluations: Children get a comprehensive evaluation to ensure an appropriate diagnosis.

Developmental Pediatrician: This clinic offers expertise in developmental and behavorial problems.

Behavior Support: Intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders and other problems such as tantrums, aggression, self-injurious behaviors, sleeping problems, toileting issues, non-compliance and mealtime challenges.

Nutrition & Feeding Services: Guidance from a registered dietitian to help parents understand their child's mealtime behaviors.

Social Skills Training: A program for adolescent girls with developmental disabilities, including autism. Girls learn social skills by having fun socializing together.

Specialty Medical Care Clinics: Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) is a state program that supports and provides health-care services and case management for children who are at risk or have a developmental disability or chronic health condition.

Bridge Clinic — Using Applied Behavior Analysis: A first step in treatment following the diagnosis of the child.

Many children and youth come to the CCHD with developmental and/or behavioral concerns. Professionals, along with the family, develop a thorough understanding of the child's strengths and needs. The goal is to accurately diagnose the problem, understand the reasons and recommend the most effective treatments.

An interdisciplinary team approach to the diagnosis and management of ASDs, DDs, and other childhood diagnoses ensures a thorough evaluation for each child. You can expect that you, your child, and your family will be treated with respect, that your questions will be answered as completely as possible, and that the team will provide a treatment and follow up plan designed to fit the needs of your child as well as your family.

Recommendations may include referrals and/or further evaluation.

Last modified: Dec 11, 2019
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Your team may include the following professionals and/or trainees:

• Developmental Pediatrician

• Psychologist

• Nurse practitioner

• Physical therapist

• Occupational therapist

• Social worker

• Speech language pathologist

• Dietitian

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