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Autism Diagnostic Team Resources (Statewide)

Counties highlighted in red have ADT teams, scroll over the county to find contact information.

Kansas Autism Diagnostic Team Resources

Social Behavior Questionnaires

Integrated Systems Using Telemedicine (ISUT)

The ISUT Telemedicine Clinic is a clinic that offers clinical or "medical diagnosis" for Autism Spectrum Disorder in collaboration with Autism Diagnostic Teams (ADTs) in the educational system who have evaluated the child for suspected autism. Beginning in 2008, the Kansas State Department of Education's TASN (Technical Assistance System Network) and the Center for Child Health and Development (CCHD) at KU Medical Center trained 40 Autism Diagnostic Teams resulting in over 600 autism evaluations. The ADTs gather information on the child's social-communication skills and Behavior using "gold-standard" autism assessment tools as well as observation and share their findings in a report with the clinical Team at the University of Kansas. The clinical Team at KU is comprised of a psychologist and developmental pediatrician. The child's educational Team and the clinical Team meet with the family and child over telemedicine and review the ADT's findings, interview the family, and make further observations. The educational Team can determine whether the child should have an educational identification of "Autism", and the clinical Team determines whether or not the child meets DSM-5 criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Both the educational Team and the clinical Team make recommendations to the family.

There are occasions when the decision on whether or not the child has Autism Spectrum Disorder can't be made over the 90-minute telemedicine visit. If that is the case, the KU Team will help the family schedule an in-person evaluation at the CCHD.

Diagram of the ISUT Overview

Last modified: Jul 19, 2021