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Peer Partnerships

GNO Peer & ParticipantPeers are a critical component to the GNO program. Peers are needed to model healthy social interactions, behaviors and strategies used in the GNO program model. Peer volunteers help create social opportunities and model use of skills and supports within natural community settings. Together, peers and participants have an opportunity to learn and practice new skills during social and self-care activities. Peers play a big role in helping empower girls with developmental disabilities, but everyone involved empowers each other to reach personal goals... because we all have things to work on! 

We recruit peer volunteers throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a peer, please complete the GNO peer application. As soon as we receive your completed application form, you will be added to our GNO list serve and someone from our team will contact you to schedule a phone interview. 


  • Be willing to establish new, genuine friendships
  • Demonstrate leadership and model healthy skills and behaviors
  • Meet girls the same age and enjoy various activities in the community
  • Improve leadership skills, empathy, & better understanding about working well with others
  • Learn about autism and other developmental disabilities
  • Improve communication & other interpersonal skills
  • Receive community service hours & certificate for participation 
  • Attend 90% of GNO sessions 
  • Attend GNO peer training sessions to help facilitate social and conversation opportunities and reinforce specific skills that girls learn and practice




Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
Become a Peer

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Earn community service hours and become a leader and role model among girls your age! Complete the Peer Intake Form to be a peer in GNO.

Become a Partner School

Partner schools help make girls within school aware of our program and promote GNO as a community service option.

Partner School Packet coming soon!