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Community Partners

We partner with the community to access expertise, promote awareness, and sponsor community events. Community outings allow participants to learn and practice social skills within a natural social setting.


What does it mean to be a community partner?

Participant & CP

Becoming a community partner means sharing your expertise, resources, or place of business with GNO and demonstrating committment and support to programs and services for young women with and without disabilities in our community. Some partners welcome us into their businesses while others often donate their time, services and/or products to the girls in our group. We appreciate your involvement at any level.

As a thank you for your participation, we include our community partners on our social media, flyers, handouts, presentation materials, and the GNO website!


Why should you become a community partner?

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This partnership is a great way to become involved with members of your community.
Previous community partners report an increased knowledge base and understanding of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, improved perspectives about individuals with different abilities, satisfaction with their experience, and interest in future opportunities.

Community partners are recognized on flyers, handouts, presentation materials, and the GNO website.


How can I learn more about becoming a community partner?

Community Partner Packet Coming Soon!

Questions? Contact GNO Program Coordinator Mallorey Marek or GNO Director Dr. Rene Jamison for additional information.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018