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Social Skills and Community Awareness

Girls being social

This fund supports services and programs that directly impact individuals and families within our community.

Efforts support families and providers in the community to build quality, sustainable services that promote improved quality of life, leisure, and successful participation in the community for individuals with developmental disabilities. Current priorities include social skill services, scholarships for families, and increasing community awareness and participation.

Friends make possible:

Girls Night Out (GNO): This program is a social skills and self-care program for girls with autism and other developmental disabilities. GNO impacts a wide range of individuals through unique collaborative efforts aiming for improved social, emotional, and day to day activities for girls.

GNO includes girls with and without disabilities, develops community partners, and occurs during age appropriate, self care or leisure activities in the community (e.g., dinner, hair salon, crafts, fashion, exercise). GNO utilizes evidence based strategies to promote social and self care skills, incorporates technology into sessions, and collaborates with their community partners for expertise in target areas.

New GNO endeavors include a peer advisor board, GNO sponsored events, online resources, & partnerships with local schools. Funds target sustainability of the program, increased services, and access to scholarships.

For more information visit the GNO website.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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