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Clinical Outreach and Training


This fund supports efforts to provide access across the state of Kansas and create sustainability of services.

Families in rural and underserved areas often have limited resources and services available to them in their communities and travel for specialized care, resulting in additional financial and caretaking burdens. Funds support efforts to build capacity through training of providers, specialty care within their communities, and reaching more families across Kansas.

Current priorities include community trainings and access to care for rural and underserved families through outreach clinics and telemedicine (interactive television).

Friends make possible:

Rural Outreach Clinics: Families in rural areas often have limited access to mental health and medical professionals with expertise in child health and development, resulting in travel across Kansas and a financial burden. Children with developmental concerns often have a variety of needs. Interdisciplinary professionals with expertise in child development collaborate with families and schools in rural Kansas to provide appropriate diagnoses, speciatly mental care, consultation, and recommendations. Outreach teams often include a developmental pediatrician, psychologist, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, social worker, and others. Outreach provides a unique opportunity for immediate collaboration with families, schools, and outside professionals. Telemedicine (interactive TV) allows follow up if needed.

Community Conversations with Friends: These events provide an opportunity for training and/or collaborations between CCHD and other community supports, professionals, and families. Community Conversations with Friends provide presentations on hot topics (challenging behaviors and positive behavior supports, access to services, waivers and insurance, etc.) and an opportunity to respond to our community's needs and interests.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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