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Publications & Presentations

Faculty and resident psychiatrists in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences are active locally, regionally and nationally in research, scholarly activity and the dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

Faculty and resident publications, external presentations

January 2021-June 30, 2022

Resident psychiatrists in the department have been active in a variety of research and scholarly activities, and published and presented on multiple occasions:

  • Austin Armstrong, M.D., with faculty members Rachna Kalia, M.D., and Meg Troutman, PharmD. Lamotrigine drug interactions; ignorance is not bliss, Kans J Med 15, 109-11, 2021.
  • Austin Armstrong, M.D., with Angela Mayorga, M.D., and Rachel Brown, MBBS. Commentary: Kansas needs psychiatric subspecialists, Kans J Med accepted for publication.
  • Austin Armstrong, M.D., with colleagues Kenneth Fraser, M.D., Shelby Nix, M.D., and faculty Rachel Brown, MBBS and Matt Macaluso, M.D. How useful are psychiatry program websites to prospective applicants?” American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training 50th Annual Meeting, March 2022, Minneapolis, MN (Virtual due to COVID-19).
  • Cliff Arnold, M.D., with D. Knoepflmacher. Psychotherapy Supervision in Context: Historical and Theoretical Perceptions, APA text on psychotherapy supervision; in press.
  • Seher Chowhan, M.D., and JL Knoll. The Watchmen; J Amer Acad Psych and the Law, in press
  • Seher Chowhan, M.D., with faculty and alumni, Philip Martin, M.D., Matt Macaluso, M.D., Christina Bowman, M.D., and Ryan Schroeder, Ph.D. How Much Education and Training Do Residents Across Specialties Receive in Neuropsychology? Kans J Med 14: 197-200, 2021.
  • John Netherton, M.D., with faculty Rachna Kalia, M.D. Can you repeat what you just said? A case of unusual hearing loss. Kans J Med.

Psychiatry residents presented posters at KU School of Medicine-Wichita's annual Research Forum in April 2022:

  • Jeffrey Bogard, M.D., with Javanthi Theegala, M.D., and faculty members Cassie Karlsson, M.D., and Rachna Kalia, M.D. Catatonia Associated with Cannabis Use: A Case Report.
  • Danielle Jones, M.D., with Mary Johnson, M.D., Sandhya Mainali, M.D., and faculty member Rachna Kalia, M.D. Elder abuse in the setting of major neurocognitive disorders and delusions.
  • Sandhya Mainali, M.D., with Seher Chowhan, M.D., and faculty member Susanna Ciccolari-Micaldi, M.D. Trauma and conduct disorder in a child and adolescent: a case report.
  • Austin Armstrong, M.D., was second author with colleagues Schuknecht T, Keomany J, Okut H, Grainger D, Duncan FE. Fertility preservation knowledge and attitudes among medical students as future practitioners.

Post-doctoral trainees in neuropsychology were also active in research and scholarly activity. They presented posters at the Society for Pediatric Psychology Conference in 2022 in Phoenix:

  • Lindsay Bratland, Ph.D., with faculty Dr. Netson-Amore. The intersection of gender and neurodiversity: A case study of a TGNC youth on the autism spectrum.
  • Joshua Sensenbaugh, Ph.D., with Dr Netson-Amore. Jeavon’s Syndrome in a fourteen-year-old girl: The role of advocating for uncommon conditions.

Faculty in the department are active nationally, regionally and locally in research, scholarly activity and the dissemination of knowledge and expertise: 

  • Rachel Brown MBBS, has worked with ECHOAutismTM since its inception. With colleagues, she was co-author on oral presentations at the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) in May 2022 - Maddox et al., EchoAutismTM Mental Health; an approach to improved mental health care for individuals on the autism spectrum and Sohl et al., EchoAutismTM: Innovations in workforce development to bridge the specialty to generalist gap and optimize the continuum of autism care. She also co-authored a poster at INSAR Schlietz et al EchoAutismTM: developing clinical expertise for autism spectrum disorder assessment and diagnosis in primary care clinicians. Dr. Brown moderated the ECHOAutismTM virtual symposia in 2021 and 2022 and contributed to two webinars for the program on autism related topics. Dr. Brown authored the Autism chapter in Conn’s Current Therapy 2021 and 2022.
  • In 2022, Dr. Brown was appointed to the editorial board of the Psychiatrists in Practice Examination of the American College of Psychiatrists for a three-year term. She was co-author on resident publications and presentations.
  • Susanna Ciccolari-Micaldi, M.D., presented Grand Rounds to the department on her area of expertise, Irritability in Youth.
  • Dr. Ciccolari-Micaldi has provided scholarly mentorship for residents, including on a published poster. She and colleague Rachna Kalia, M.D., reviewed for American Family Physician.
  • Rachna Kalia, M.D., has mentored several residents on publications and posters and appears as a co-author with them. She and colleague Susanna Ciccolari-Micaldi, M.D. reviewed for American Family Physician.
  • Dr. Kalia authored Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a book chapter in Conn’s Current Therapy Eds. Kellerman K and Rakel D in 2021 and 2022.
  • Dr. Kalia was recently elected as Secretary for the Kansas Psychiatric Society.
  • Cassie Karlsson, M.D., was a member of a panel presentation at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Conference with colleagues in October 2021, The Many Faces of Pediatric Catatonia: Beyond Waxy Flexibility and Echo Phenomena. Clinical Perspectives.
  • Dr. Karlsson co-presented posters with faculty colleagues, Drs. Schroeder, Martin and others, at the American Neuropsychiatric Association Annual Meeting in March 2022, An Examination of the relationships between neuropsychological functioning and instrumental activities of daily living in patients with neurocognitive disorders and Reported benefits of a personalized music intervention for neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with dementia.
  • Nicole Klaus, Ph.D., has provided multiple presentations on topics related to suicide prevention; they included a series of Webinars for the KU Area Health Education Center in September 2021 and presentations to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the Special Committee on Kansas Mental Health Modernization and Reform, and the Midwest Provider Clinical Conference in June 2022.
  • Dr. Klaus and colleague Kelli Netson-Amore, Ph.D., provided presentations on COVID-19’s impact on youth mental health, including to the Sedgwick County Superintendents’ Forum and to the department’s Grand Rounds.
  • Kelli Netson-Amore, Ph.D., was co-author of an article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology; Foster R et al, Cognitive Impairment in Survivors of Pediatric Extracranial Solid Tumors and Lymphomas. Journal of Clinical Oncology 39:16, 1727-1740.
  • With colleague Melissa Hopper, Ph.D., Dr. Netson presented to the Kansas chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics on topics related to COVID and mental health. Dr. Netson mentored trainees in scholarly activities that have led to presentations this year.
  • Janka Lincoln, M.D., was the Kansas Psychiatric Society’s representative to the American Psychiatric Association in 2021-22 and has been elected as council member for the upcoming year.
  • Shannon Loeck, M.D., was the keynote speaker for KU Medical Center's National Physician Suicide Awareness Day in 2021.
  • Sheldon Preskorn, M.D., continued to publish extensively on topics related to neuropsychopharmacology throughout 2021 and 2022.
  • Dr. Preskorn authored multiple articles in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice – QTc, the Multitude of Ways It Is Calculated and Implications for Clinical Practice: A Case Example 27((1)), 43-47; Consistency of the Antidepressant Effect of Intranasal Esketamine in Phase 3 Clinical Trials. 27(2), 115-120; Charting and Handling Genetic Test Results: How They Differ From Most Laboratory Results 27(3), 194-198; Charting and Handling Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Results: How they Differ From Most Laboratory Results 27(4), 283-28; Fundamental Pharmacokinetic Concepts and Their Clinical Relevance: Clearance, Zero Versus First Order and Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics; 27(5), 380-383; Subtypes of Major Depressive Disorder Based on Pharmacological Responsiveness 27(6), 448-452; An Individual with 2 Distinct Nonpathologic Identities 28(1):48-49; How Loading Dose Strategies for Depot Paliperidone Can Go Wrong 28(2):130-137; How An Understanding of the Function of the Locus Coeruleus Led to Use of Dexmedetomidine to Treat Agitation in Bipolar Disorder: Example of Rational Development of Psychiatric Medications 28(3):227-233.
  • In 2022, Dr. Preskorn was lead author of a multiauthor publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association about a new medication approved for the treatment of acute  agitation in schizophrenia and bipolar illness, BXCL501 Achieves Rapid Control of Agitation in Patients with Bipolar Disorder 327(8):727-736. In the first three months after publication, the article had more than 21,000 views. Further publications about this medication, dexmedetomidine, are expected. 
  • Dr. Preskorn was named Educator of the Year by Psychiatric Times TM in 2021. He presented the Educator of the Year Lecture at the Annual Psychiatric Times World tm CME conference in fall 2021, as well as a lecture on State-of-the-Art Treatment in Major Depressive Disorder.
  • Dr. Preskorn presented a plenary lecture at the Boston Society in October 2021, Why are Patients with COVID-19 at Risk for DDI, and What Can be Done to Minimize the Adverse     Outcomes. He reviews for multiple psychiatric journals.
  • Ryan Schroeder, Ph.D., and Philip Martin, Ph.D., neuropsychologists, have contributed extensively to the literature on validity assessment in neuropsychological practice. They jointly edited a textbook on the topic published in 2021 for Guilford Press Validity assessment in clinical neuropsychological practice: Evaluating and Managing Noncredible Performance and together and with colleagues authored multiple chapters in the text. In addition, Schroeder has led three national and one regional workshop, and published two peer-reviewed articles, 11 abstracts/presentations and 12 book chapters. Dr. Martin has led one regional workshop and published five peer-reviewed articles, seven abstracts/poster presentations and 11 book chapters.
  • Drs. Schroeder and Martin are joint authors of two chapters in Assessment of Feigned Cognitive Impairment edited by Kyle Boone, Comparison of Forced Choice PVTs, and Language Tests as PVTs, and Dr. Schroeder also authored, with colleagues, the chapter entitled Design Methods in Neuropsychological Performance Validity, Symptom Validity, and Malingering Research.
  • Dr. Martin presented an invited seminar with colleagues to the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) in 2022 "But I Tried My Best!: Providing Feedback After Invalid Presentations in Adult and Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluations." He also presented to the Alzheimer’s Association Midwest region and to the internship training program at Cordell and Associates in Dayton OH.
  • Dr Schroeder presented at AACN in 2022 a seminar to the forensic neuropsychology special interest group and a workshop, both on topics related to performance validity and malingering. He presented a seminar at the Colorado Neuropsychological Society Conference.
  • Dr. Schroeder is co-author on 11 published abstracts.
  • Dr. Schroeder is co-author on two official statements from the AACN, both published in The Clinical Neuropsychologist; Update of the AACN Consensus Statement on neuropsychological assessment of effort, response bias and malingering and AACN’s official position on test security.  
  • Cheryl Wehler, M.D., authored Panic Disorder, a book chapter in Conn’s Current Therapy Eds. Kellerman K and Rakel D in 2021 and 2022.

Jointly with the KU School of Medicine-Wichita Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences continues to provide services through KSKidsMAP, the Pediatric Mental Healthcare Access Program for Kansas, funded by the Health Research and Services Administration through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

  • The grant, now in its fourth year, supports Rachel Brown, MBBS, Susanna Ciccolari-Micaldi M.D., Polly Freeman, MSW, Cassie Karlsson, M.D., and Nicole Klaus, Ph.D., from our department to provide case consultations and clinical resources to primary care physicians and other clinicians, including a series of toolkits published on the KDHE website. We work closely with department of pediatrics faculty, especially Kari Harris, M.D., on the clinical aspects of the program. The evaluation is led by Cari Schmidt, Ph.D., from the Department of Pediatrics. Department members have given multiple presentations related to the work of KSKidsMAP.
  • Our PMHCA team has a particular focus on physician and clinician wellness; presentations included Klaus, Dr. Brown and Polly Freeman, who joined Dr. Harris and Amanda Aguila-Gonzalez, MPH, in October 2021 to present at the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Forum on Children's Wellbeing Fall Workshop. In April 2022, Dr. Klaus joined Dr. Harris to present at the KDHE Public Health Department Staff Retreat, on Tending to our Mental Health.
  • In May 2022, led by Nicole Klaus, Ph.D., the department received a grant from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services to provide after-school programming in the Haysville School District. The BREATHE program (Building Resilience and Healthy Relationships in Youth with ADHD) is modeled after an evidence-based intensive summer treatment program for ADHD.  
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