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Among the accomplishments of WIRE are dozens of discussion groups, issues identified and an education campaign culminating in citizens finding ways to take action.

Starting in 2008, WIRE conducted 52 discussion groups with more than 1,500 Wichitans to identify their top environmental concerns. As a result, 19 issues were identified, and videos and fact sheets were created for each of the 19 issues. An education campaign was presented to almost 800 Wichitans from 43 community groups. Dr. Ablah holds up a sticker that says no dumping

Concurrent to this process, the Environmental Leadership Council (ELC) was formed to implement the WIRE mission. ELC members come from area businesses, neighborhood associations, community groups, environmental organizations, and academia with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

After the education campaign, the ELC reviewed the list of 19 environmental issues and identified the top three concerns on which to take immediate action: poor waste management, pollution in the Arkansas River and vehicular air emissions.

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