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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have SP encounters for each clerkship?

No. Each clerkship has its own format for learning and utilization of the SP program.

What kind of feedback will I receive from an encounter? 

All encounters will offer feedback in some form. It may be from the SP, the faculty, or some other evaluator. Feedback can be written and/or verbal as well as individually or in group sessions.

Who observes an encounter?

The encounters are usually observed by at least one member of the teaching faculty.

Do I need to wear my white coat and bring instruments to the encounter?

You should wear your white coat and dress professionally for SP encounters; professional demeanor is part of the assessment in the encounters. You should also bring your stethoscope to the encounters.

May I use my electronic devices, books or manuals during SP encounters?

No, you may not. All cell phones should be turned off prior to SP sessions. You should not need supplemental materials for encounters unless specifically instructed to use them as part of the exercise.

If I lose my password to access the site to view the videos, who do I contact?

Call 316-293-3519, so one of our staff members can assist.

Who do I contact if I have to change my report time? 

If you have scheduling issues you should contact the clerkship coordinator. However, recognize that schedules can only be changed in emergencies; scheduling is tightly enforced.

How do SP encounters at Wichita vary from the encounters on the national exam?

Visit the following link to learn more about the Step 2-CS:
USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination

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