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Room Reservations

Facilities Management strives to accommodate and support our customers with their room reservation requests in a timely and efficient manner, and present a clean and attractive campus environment. 

Room reservations are processed via the EMS scheduling system. Facilities manages the following rooms/areas:

  • Conference rooms: Flint Hills, Meadowlark, Roberts Amphitheater and Sunflower
  • Common areas: Courtyard, Main Lobby, Roberts Amphitheater Lobby and West Atrium

General Information

  • Housekeeping will need at least 30 minutes between appointments to allow for clean-up and setup changes.
  • To ensure areas are set up in a timely fashion, please have event reservations scheduled by noon Friday of the week prior to the event.
  • Facilities must be contacted at 316-293-2625 for any changes or cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Soliciting and selling is not permitted on campus unless it is for the benefit of the school and must be approved by Facilities and/or the Dean.

External Customers - Rentals

Reservations for external customers not directly affiliated with KUSM-W, please refer all inquiries to Facilities Management, 316-294-2625 or Departments should not schedule or post any events for external customers without approval from Facilities. 

  • Use of KUSM-W facilities is generally limited to mission-related activities, and cannot be for the private gain of individuals or entities. 
  • External customers will be charged for housekeeping and security services.
  • Organizations may not solicit or collect funds on campus, however, non-registered organizations may provide information regarding donations when specifically approved by the Dean. 

Weekend Events

Weekend events on the KUSM-W campus must be approved by Facilities Management and Safety & Emergency Management before scheduling an appointment in the room reservation software:

  • Email inquiries should be sent at least 30 days in advance for approval to verify the service departments, (housekeeping/security) can provide personnel coverage for your event.
  • Send email to and
    • Include the following info: date, time, department, contact info, who is attending, # of attendees, rooms/areas being used and set-up needs. Funding information for billable services should be provided in email.
  • Upon approval from Facilities, requestors should submit a reservation through the EMS scheduling system
  • Billable service fees will be applicable for all weekend events.
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