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From the Dean

Tyler HughesGreetings from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Salina.  Our mission is simple:  We train great doctors.  While we are rural in location and hope many of our graduates will choose to practice in rural Kansas, from Salina you can launch your career in any direction.  Since our start in 2012, Salina’s medical school has graduated many primary care specialists in Family Medicine, OB-GYN, and Pediatrics; but we’ve also had specialists in orthopedics, urology, otolaryngology, pathology to name a few.  Whether your ultimate goal is becoming the classic small-town doctor, a leader in a chosen specialty field, academic practice, or administrative medicine the Salina campus can help you achieve your goals.  As of this writing, we have never failed to match a medical student in a residency program, our national board examinations results are equal or  better than much larger schools and national averages.  We place great emphasis on hands-on training with increased levels of patient responsibility and autonomy.  We feel that learning in a community health system offers distinct advantages for our medical students.   It is common to get reports that our graduates function at a very high level in their residencies of choice.  Our faculty are focused on success for all our students.

Because our class sizes are small, students get extraordinarily  personalized training here.  Our foundational science experience is outstanding.  Every aspect of support and help are available to our Salina students equal to those of the  other two campuses.  Every student has a coach to provide support and guidance throughout their training.  In the clinical years, our students are on the front line with patients.  In clinical settings you are taught by experienced faculty, often-one-on -one.  In surgical rotations, our students are almost always first assistant on the case getting the kind of technical experience that can be rare at other schools.  We see this as a great advantage to our students when they seek residency training.  Their performance during sub-internships and externships reflects the personalized clinical training and patient centric care they’ve learned in Salina.

Our simulation courses are highly effective.  We have a superb relationship with the KU School of Nursing on this campus allowing frequent interprofessional training which is very valuable when one matriculates to residency and practice.

The atmosphere here is one of collegiality and trust.  We strive to be transparent and inclusive.  While we understand that we are training physicians, we see our students as partners in making this school ever better.

I invite you to call, write or text me or any of the staff and faculty if we can be of service to you.  You are always welcome to visit in person.


Tyler G. Hughes, MD FACS
Dean, University of Kansas, School of Medicine, Salina



KU School of Medicine-Salina

KU School of Medicine-Salina
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