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Biospecimen Repository Core Facility

Biospecimen Repository

The Biospecimen Repository Core Facility (BRCF) plays a vital role to support translational research by its ethical collection, storage, annotation, and distribution of high quality biospecimens, such as frozen solid tumors of varying histology and bodily fluids (blood, urine, ascites fluids).  The BRCF also provides expert histopathology support and combines the expertise of pathologists, translational researchers, and technical personnel to produce a comprehensive and focused approach to support the research activities at the University of Kansas Cancer Center.

The three main functions of the BRCF are:

  • Identify participants, obtain informed consent, and collect blood, tissue, urine, saliva, and other biosamples. Preserve the privacy of participants by automatically assigning anonymous barcodes to samples via database system management at the time of collection. 
  • Collects, processes, and stores samples for future use by researchers here at KUMC and qualified international and national institutions. Collect corresponding personal and family histories of cancer, clinical interventions, and lifestyle factors for use in research 
  • Provides expert histology technical procedures and pathological evaluation of tissue samples, including tissue processing, sectioning, tissue microarray (TMA) construction and immunohistochemical staining and analyses.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Biospecimen Respository you can find more information by visiting our page on the University of Kansas Cancer Center's website or by calling toll free 855-211-1475. 

Efforts have been made to help reach the minority population and diversify the outreach of the BSR. In late 2018 the Uhlig Guide for new patients was translated to Spanish which includes a copy of the biorepository consent form.

Additional efforts to reach this population include collaboration with JUNTOS for cancer. Lead by Mariana Ramirez Mantilla, JUNTOS created new videos, in both Spanish and English, as an educational tool to explain the basis of a biobank and why it is important.

The JUNTOS partnership along with our continued collaboration with the University of Kansas Health System, have quadrupled our rate of Spanish speaking participants. Our Hispanic enrollment increased 50% with over 160 participants with a reported ethnicity of Hispanic or Latino.

Juntos Bio Bank Video (English) | Vídeo de Juntos Bio Bank (Español)

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Last modified: Feb 26, 2020