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Clinical Studies

CRPS: chronic regional pain syndrome; DRG: dorsal root ganglion; MAITF: Medical Alumni Innovative Teaching Fund; NIH: National Institutes of Health; PCOR: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research; PCORI: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute; QI: quality improvement; RCT: randomized controlled trial; SCCM: Society of Critical Care Medicine; SCS: spinal cord stimulation.

Questions about a particular research study? Contact the Anesthesiology Research Manager.

TopicPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleStudy DesignFunder or Collaborator
Practice Dupanovic Communication modalities in US academic anesthesia departments Cross-sectional Internal
Pain Latif ReActiv8 implantable neurostimulation system for chronic low back pain RCT Mainstay
Pain Sayed A post-approval study to evaluate targeted SCS (DRG Stimulation) for the management of moderate to severe chronic, intractable pain of the lower limbs due to CRPS types I and II [TARGET] Prospective case series Abbott
Pain Nicol Central nervous system amplification in lumbar failed back surgery syndrome Prospective observational NIH
Cardiac Mensch Retrospective study of perioperative myocardial infarction Retrospective case series Internal
Transplantation, Liver Kindscher Timing of extubation after orthotopic liver transplantation: Associated factors and clinical impact Retrospective case series Internal
Transplantation, Liver Kindscher Intraoperative cardiac arrest during adult liver transplantation: A multi-center study Prospective case series Mount Sinai
General anesthesia Xu Anesthesia complications after paracentesis Retrospective case series Internal
Pediatrics, Plastics, Neurosurgery Hansen Craniofacial surgery perioperative registry Prospective case series Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Burn, Pain Kovac Factors most predictive of failed conventional sedation dressing changes Retrospective case series Internal
Adverse Effects McCartney Post-operative adverse cardiovascular events associated with cocaine and amphetamines Retrospective case series  Internal
Pain Sayed Post-market Registry for Evaluation of the Superion Spacer (PRESS) Prospective case series  Vertiflex
Education Staab Integration of point of care ultrasound into the ACE curriculum Pre-post assessments MAITF
Critical care, Pain Staab Liposomal bupivacaine for post sternotomy pain RCT  Internal
Pain Khan Drivers of 30-day readmissions after intrathecal pain pump implants Secondary data analysis Internal
Pain Nicol Identifying the impact of centralized pain on pain outcomes after interventional pain procedures Prospective observational Internal
Pain Nicol Chronic opioid use and epidermal nerve fiber density Cross-sectional Internal, Lied
Pain Nicol Heat therapy for fibromyalgia: The effect on chronic pain and possible mechanisms Prospective observational Internal, Frontiers
Pain Sayed SENZA-PDN-1 RCT Nevro
Pain Sayed A multicenter, prospective, pragmatic, randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate HF10 therapy in the treatment of non-surgical refractory back pain (CA2018-02) RCT Nevro
Pain Sayed A prospective multicenter, randomized, double-blinded, sham-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of clonidine micropellets for the treatment of pain associated with lumbosacral radiculopathy in adults RCT Sollis Therapeutics
Pain Sayed BENEFIT-02 RCT Biotronik
Pain Sayed Reprieve CM-2 long term follow-up study (STX-015-18-02) Prospective observational Sollis Therapeutics
Pain Sayed The MOTION study RCT Vertos
Wellness Pichoff Impact of corporate athlete curriculum on wellbeing and risk of burnout Pre-post intervention Internal
Practice, Pain Hondras Assessing patient & physician expectations of chronic pain management over time: A mixed-methods feasibility study Mixed methods Internal
Practice, Pain Mujica Comparision of operative intercostal nerve blockade with liposomal bupivacaine versus continuous thoracic epidural analgesia after thoracotomy in Belsey fundoplications Retrospective case series Internal
Regional anesthesia Pozek Comparison of epidural and TAP block as analgesic modalities for radical cystectomy Retrospective case series Internal
Pain Braun A prospective randomized double-blinded crossover study comparing High Frequency 10,000 Hz (HF10) against BurstDR spinal cord stimulator therapy RCT Internal
Cardiac Cotter Ultrasound assessment of sarcopenia as a marker of frailty in cardiac surgery Prospective observational Internal
Practice Lozenski Impact of gender among anesthesiologists Cross-sectional Internal
Cardiac, Critical care Wallisch ECMO at KUMC Retrospective case series Internal
General surgery Plaza Preoperative volume status as measured by NICOM/Cheetah in colorectal surgery patients Prospective observational Internal
Cardiac Flynn Effects of passive heat therapy on oxygen consumption and cardiovascular fitness in adults Prospective observational Internal
Burn De Ruyter Peripheral nerve blocks for analgesia in burn unit patients: A retrospective study Retrospective case series Internal
General surgery Hendren Administration of sugammadex induced anaphylaxis: New drug, old problem Retrospective case series Internal
Quality improvement Hendren Assessing current screening for vaping in the perioperative setting Cross-sectional Internal
Cardiac Walters Review of intraoperative cardiac arrests in adults undergoing noncardiac surgery. Are diabetics more at risk? Retrospective case series Internal
Burn Kovac Comparison of reversal of neuromuscular blockade with sugammadex versus neostigmine plus glycopyrolate in patients undergoing burn surgery RCT Merck
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