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Topic Presentations, Assessments & Presentation Archive

Program Participant Expectations

Participants in the program are expected to be active learners, and will demonstrate engagement and embody a positive approach to their learning. The following are expected of participants:

  • Active participation in lesson discussions allows each participant to test out their own assumptions about the topic, as well as expand the perspectives of others in the class. Participants will engage with other participants, instructors, and guest lecturers by discussing relevant themes and subjects, reflecting openly with the class, and submitting feedback after each presentation.
  • Participants are expected to complete presentation topic evaluations as well as program evaluations that will occur at intervals during the course of the program. This will provide critical feedback on the value and utility of the topic presentations, and the overall program so that the program may continue to grow, and provide meaningful content for participants.

Additional Program Resources

It is recognized that not all participants will be able to attend scheduled presentations. In addition, faculty members who do not participate in the program would benefit by having access to online and published resources pertaining to specific topics within the LEAD Program. As noted under Program Organization, written and video links pertaining to specific topics will be listed under each respective topic.

Program Topic Presentations

The forums for the topic presentations will offer interactive opportunities. For senior level residents most of the topic presentations will occur on campus, and in a 1 to 1 ½ hour timeframe depending on the topic. For participating faculty, some topics will be presented in a 45-60 minutes lecture type of format while other topics will be more conducive to a 2-3 hour group interactive discussion. The topics that require a greater amount of time, and are more interactive with small group breakouts will be presented in an off-campus setting to limit on-campus interruptions.

Topic and Program Assessment

Participants will be asked to complete an assessment survey after each lecture/presentation to gauge the performance of the presenter, and the utility of the material presented. At various intervals during the year, and at the end of the program series participants will be asked to complete a survey assessing the value and quality of the program. The survey will include asking participants to note specific examples of how the program series added value, knowledge, and or success to a project and/or events that they participated in, and did they serve in a leadership role or capacity. Sponsors/champions of the program will also review annually if or how the program enhanced or created leadership opportunities for participants.

Individual Leadership and Personality Assessment Tool

A Leadership and Personality Assessment tool is valuable to provide insight to an individual to gain understanding of their competencies, and leadership style. It is also useful to an organization to help identify individuals that possess leadership attributes. A leadership and personality assessment tool will be included as an integral part of the leadership and professional development program. An expert/certified coach from the KU Edwards Campus will provide a review in a group setting of what the assessment tool results mean, and how participants might utilize them to be more effective in personal and professional relationships and settings.

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