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Teaching Portfolio Guidelines for the Department of Anesthesiology

The development of a Teaching Portfolio is useful to establish and demonstrate Teaching accomplishments and advancements.

Basic Components

  • Chronology of Teaching Activities
    • Chronological list of courses taught by year
    • Time commitment
    • Number of students in the course
  • Peer Evaluations
    • Numeric scoring evaluations with comments from peers
    • Letters from colleagues who have directly observed your skills
      • Course directors
      • Collaborators
      • Mentors
  • Learner Evaluations
    • Numerical summary of teaching effectiveness (student evaluations collected and summarized by the Department
    • Should be chronological with goal to demonstrate improvement over time
    • May include written comments
    • Written letters from former residents, and fellows
  • Consider developing a Reflective Statement
    • Would be 1-3 pages in length
    • Would include your philosophy of education, style and approach
    • Highlight preferred teaching venues
    • Provide insight of your teaching goals
  • Provide method of self-assessment and measure to improve quality
  • Standardized Curriculum Vita Formate
  • Do Not Include
    • Individual evaluation records
    • Patient testimonials
    • Thank you letters for presentation
    • Power Point or videos
    • Copies of awards, credentials, certificates, should be in CV
    • E-mail comments
    • Conference fliers showing you as speaker

The entire teaching portfolio should be 20-30 pages in length; a bigger document is not better.  Information in the teaching portfolio should not be redundant with the curriculum vitae.

For more information go to School of Medicine Teaching Portfolio website.

A faculty member's career is his or her responsibility the mentoring program is designed to help them be successful in making the appropriate decisions to advance their career.

Merit, advancement and/or promotion are assessed according to the mission criteria of each academic track in the school of medicine.

Last modified: Mar 13, 2019
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