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Procedure for Support of Promotion or Promotion with Tenure

The year you go up for promotion may vary based upon your track and approved leave extensions, however, the schedule below remains the same.)

NOTEUltimately, it is the faculty member's personal responsibility to properly prepare their promotion packet. The following steps should be followed by faculty members who wish to be supported for promotion or promotion with tenure by the Department of Anesthesiology.

  • Update Curriculum Vitae (must be in SOM Format before taking the next step)

  • Spring - Attend one of the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development P&T Informational Seminars about the Promotion &Tenure process, offered in the Spring. Contact the Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development for the schedule. (Department designated staff members who assist in the preparation of your documents are encouraged to attend one of the training sessions.) See SOM “Submission Checklist” for complete list of required documents.
  • Before April 1 – Make an appointment to discuss with the Chair of Anesthesiology your intention to go up for promotion six months before the application deadline.
  • No later than the date identified on the School of Medicine's DEFINITIVE schedule for P&T - complete and submit appropriate online Letter of Intent Form for promotion and tenure... Contact Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development for the link to the current form.

NOTE: The following steps and more are outlined with specific definitive dates on the School of Medicine’s schedule for P&T. Plan accordingly!

  • August - Department P&T Application is DUE
    • Complete and submit entire promotion and/or  tenure application to Department Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Committee
      • Nomination Form (updated yearly)
      • School of Medicine Curriculum Vitae form
      • List referees who have agreed to provide letters of support
      • Teaching evaluations
      • Other support documents
        • Grants
        • Publications
  • September - Receive verification of the Department Promotion & Tenure Committee's support or non-support of your application .
  • October– Electronic Promotion & Tenure Application is DUE, as well as one paper copy
    • Complete and submit one copy of your entire application for promotion and/or tenure to Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office (On-line submission by 5:00 p.m.)
    • Each application must contain the following documents:
      • School of Medicine’s Nomination Form (updated yearly)
      • School of Medicine Curriculum Vitae form
      • List of contact information for qualified referees who have agreed to provide letters of support
      • Supporting documentation, including PDFs of publications and teaching evaluations
        • Copy of Midterm Evaluation (Tenure Track Only)
        • Teaching Evaluations
        • Other support documents
          • Grants
          • Publications 
Last modified: Mar 13, 2019
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