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Anesthesiology Committees & Professional Organizations

Service is a requirement on the Annual Faculty Evaluation and Promotion and Tenure. Below are committees which members can serve. Discuss reasonable commitments with your mentor.

Departmental Committees

Executive Committee

Clinical Practice Committee

CRNA Committee

Education Committee

Faculty Development & Mentoring Committee

Faculty Recruitment Committee

Financial Committee

Incentive Committee

Operations Committee

Patient Safety Committee

Perioperative Surgical Home Committee

Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Promotion & Tenure Committee - See SOM Policy Statement about Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committees.

Quality Improvement Committee - monitors quality improvement reports, develops areas to evaluate, recommends changes and identifies areas of concern.

Research Committee - coordinates research effort, projects level of funding to Chair, oversees research.

Committees on the KUMC Campus
(SOM, Governance, Hospital, UKP, Research, Compliance)

Directors of Special Services

  • Chris Beck, MD - Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Division
  • John Breth, MD - Indian Creek
  • Terry Chaffee, MD - KU MedWest
  • Martin De Ruyter, MD - OR
  • Brigid Flynn, MD - Critical Care Medicine Division
  • Jana Goldsich, MD - Pre-Operative
  • Seth Jacob, MD - CRNA Affairs & MSA Division
  • Talal Khan, MD - Pain Division
  • Jeanette Lozenski, MD - Sedation Services
  • Malik Hamid, MD - Acute Pain Management
  • Michael McCartney, MD - PACU
  • Melissa Rockford, MD - OR
  • Dawood Sayed, MD - Spine Center Interventional Pain Management
  • Stephen Tarver, MD - Simulation Center 
  • Bryant Staples, MD - EMR Advisory Services

Local & National Anesthesiology Professional Organizations (Discuss with your Mentor)

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Mentoring Towards Promotion and/or Tenure (P&T)
The School of Medicine provides resources regarding Promotion and Tenure (P&T) so that a faculty member can see at-a-glance the expectations detailed in the official SOM Handbook, such as: 

At-a-Glance Resources

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