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Scholarship: Scholarly Activity/Grants

Opportunities are available for faculty development in research, scholarship, and education both within and outside of the Department.  Our department provides quarterly Research Conferences that review research opportunities available to anesthesiology faculty, and opportunities to improve proficiency and effectiveness in scholarly pursuits.  Notices are provided well in advance of the dates, times, and locations of these conferences.    On our campus we have courses and conferences that are provided to enhance faculty leadership, teaching and research skills.  They may be found on the Faculty Development Series page.  A Leadership Academy is also offered and information on the Leadership Academy may be found here. Those interested in the Academy should review this opportunity with their mentor and/or the Chair.

Anesthesiology Expectations for Scholarship: Scholarly Activity/Grants

Scholarship and research achievements appropriate to the field of expertise

Early Career, i.e., assistant professor level activities:

  • Publications concerning clinical or basic science research (evidence of significant contribution to publications)
  • Presentation (verbal or poster) of study results to local audiences
  • Co-investigator status on projects
  • Publication of case reports and review articles on clinical and scientific topics.
  • Involvement in the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical guidelines locally or regionally for a local, state or federal organization.
  • Contribution to policy development for the Institution or a local agency
  • Contribution to State or other policy as a member of an expert team

Mid Career, i.e., associate professor level activities:

Evidence of a portfolio of high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly materials which demonstrate expertise in a defined field of study is expected.

  • Clinical, educational, policy and/or basic science research publications in peer-reviewed journals and equivalent formats (senior author)
  • Extramural grants or contracts (principal investigator)
  • Developing local or regional clinical guidelines and/or membership in group developing national guidelines or equivalent activity
  • Developing local or regional health policy and/or membership of group developing national policy.
  • Provision of reviews or ad hoc editorial services to professional publications
  • Authorship of book chapters, monographs, and other publications or electronic formats on topics in medicine or the related sciences.

Established Career, i.e., full professor level of activities

Expectations include evidence of national or international recognition for scholarship in terms of a significant portfolio of high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly products demonstrating major contributions to a field of study.

  • Substantial and significant published papers in medicine or the related sciences
  • Authorship of major books or other text or electronic formats relevant to medicine and the related sciences
  • Invited presentations to prestigious gatherings
  • Regular oral or poster presentations at prestigious (competitive) national conferences
  • Consistent success in obtaining extramural grants or contracts that are peer-reviewed and depend on scientific excellence.
  • Significant contributions to the development of other scholars and researchers
  • Contributing editor or regular writer for a major scientific publication

To Be Completed by Faculty Member

When you complete Section 2. Scholarly Activity/Grants of the Annual Faculty Assessment Summary Form the following questions must be completed:

  • Goals and Objectives for the past calendar year
  • Faculty Member’s Self-Assessment for past calendar year as related to “Goals and Objectives”. (Include Honors, if any)
  • Goals and objectives for the future year:

Consider the following activities when you complete your three questions:

  • Educational grants
  • Grants related to divisional activities
  • Patents applied for or awarded
  • Posters presented at meetings,
    • Local
    • Regional
    • National
    • International
  • Presentations at meetings
    • Local
    • Regional
    • National
    • International
  • Publications
  • Honors related to scholarship
Last modified: Mar 13, 2019
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