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Anesthesiology Faculty Development & Mentoring Program Overview

The Department of Anesthesiology faculty development and mentoring program is intended to be a useful way of helping new faculty members adjust to their new environment, establish mentoring relationships, and achieve professional career goals. It is also intended to be a resource for established faculty members relative to their ongoing career advancement, and to keep abreast of relevant issues on our campus and within the profession. The program’s success will depend on the new faculty members and their mentors, established faculty members, the department chair, and administrative support staff all taking an active role in the program. An outline of the program’s goals is noted below.

Short-term goals

  • Orientation of new faculty members -- to the opportunities and responsibilities that go with their role begins with the School of Medicine’s Onboarding New Faculty instructions. Covered is familiarization with the campus and its environment. This includes understanding the role, missions, responsibilities, and governance of the 3 key partners on this campus which include the University of Kansas School of Medicine (UKSOM), the University of Kansas Physicians (UKP), and the University of Kansas Hospital (KUH).
  • Mentoring—establish mentoring relationships to support the careers of new faculty
  • Networking—introduction to key colleagues, identification of other possible mentors.
  • Developing awareness—help new faculty and established faculty understand policies and procedures that are relevant to the faculty member’s work.
  • Constructive criticism and encouragement to achieve desired professional goals.
  • Helping to sort out priorities—budgeting time, balancing clinical and academic service.

Long-term goals

Last modified: Mar 13, 2019
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