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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Quarterly Spotlight: Heather Hoelscher

Heather Hoelscher

Heather Hoelscher is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) at The University of Kansas Health System's Department of Anesthesiology. She joined our team in 2016 after finishing her Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of Kansas. Prior to that, Heather received her undergrad at the University of Arkansas and graduated with a bachelors in Nursing from University of Oklahoma. And yes, she roots for each of these schools when it comes to sports. 

What inspired you to become a CRNA?

"When I was a teenager I became very ill, it was the nurses and their rapport they had with me and my family for the month I was being intubated and then recovered that drew me to nursing. Then during nursing school I was lucky enough to meet a CRNA and became fascinated with her clinical competency, critical thinking, and autonomy. Most of all I loved the process of intubating, maintenance and emergence. After that there was no stopping me to achieve this goal of becoming a CRNA."

You currently serve as a liaison for the students and SHP faculty. Why did you choose to serve in this capacity?

"I believe the experience, advice and clinical teaching I recieved from the CRNAs during school shaped me into the CRNA I am today. It is important for me to help do the same for the SRNAs. I find joy in helping the SRNAs transition into clinicals and it is rewarding to see them grow as providers. I hope to make sure the CRNAs and SRNAs are comfortable during their clinical time at KU. Lastly, I hope I can show the rewarding side of our job which i believe is being able to take care of a patient at one of their most vulnerable points and make it a pleasant experience all while keeping them safe."

Why The University of Kansas Health System?

"The CRNA group as a whole. The teamwork and respect we have for each other shows every single day! KU is a big hospital and we all work hard to give the best care possible to our patients. It is nice to know you have people surrounding you that can give you advice, help with tips or just someone to listen. In my opinion, our group genuinely gets a long and many of us become friends. We have social events outside of work and support each other with any milestones in life."

What is your personal mantra?

"There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are the way they are. Try to think about that, and respect them for who they are."

In your life, what are you most proud of?

"My relationships. It is very important for me to be a good wife, daughter, friend and coworker. I treasure all my relationships and it brings me joy to have these connections."

What do you like to do in your spare time?

"Travel; spending quality time with my husband and our golden retriever, Wallace; spin/ working out; and happy hour. Basically anything where I can be social or active."

Last modified: Apr 23, 2021