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Center for Neuromodulation Physicians

D Sayed

Dawood Sayed, MD

Director, Center of Neuromodulation for Pain
Director, Interventional Pain, Marc Asher Spine Center
Program Director, Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship at The University of Kansas Hospital

Dr. Sayed is a national expert in the field of Neuromodulation for Chronic Pain. He has treated hundreds of patients successfully with implanted neuromodulation techniques. His areas of expertise include spinal cord stimulation for spinal disorders, complex regional pain syndrome, and various neuropathic pain syndromes. Dr. Sayed has published several articles in the field of neuromodulation and teaches nationally on advanced neuromodulation techniques for chronic pain. He is involved in several clinical trials investigating new treatments and indications in the field of spinal cord stimulation. He serves on the North American Neuromodulation Society Education and Advocacy committees. Dr. Sayed is an expert consultant for leading neuromodulation companies Nevro, St. Jude's Medical, Medtronic, and Flowonix.

A Sack

Andrew Sack, MD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sack had the unique opportunity to complete sub-specialty training in interventional pain medicine at an academic center with a strong focus on neuromodulation. He specializes in using spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of many different painful conditions. He practices with the most up-to-date technology available in neuromodulation and uses these options to select the treatment that will provide the best possible outcome for each individual patient.


Usman Latif, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor
Interventional Pain Physician

Dr. Latif is a board-certified Interventional Pain specialist with a focus on innovative applications of neuromodulation for the treatment of pain. He has employed neuromodulation techniques to help patients with a variety of pain syndromes including chronic back pain, radicular leg pain, chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and sacroiliac joint pain.

With a previous career in Internal Medicine, Dr. Latif employs a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to treating patients. He has served as an expert consultant for Medtronic and implants devices from all of the major companies including Nevro, Boston Scientific, and St. Jude.

Dr. Latif trained in Internal Medicine at Wake Forest University Medical Center, served as faculty at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and went on to become chief resident of Anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital before completing an Interventional Pain Fellowship at the Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital program. During the course of his training, Dr. Latif has had the opportunity to learn from some of the leading experts on neuromodulation in the country.

Last modified: Mar 13, 2019
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