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Anatomy and Cell Biology

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Anatomy and Cell Biology

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is one of the basic science departments at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Our goals are to

  1. develop and sustain prominent research programs in cell and developmental biology;
  2. provide an outstanding training environment for graduate students and postdoctoral scientists; and
  3. deliver a superb educational experience for medical students.

As a measure of our success, our research laboratories are funded by numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other agencies; many of our trainees go on to positions at prestigious educational or commercial institutions; and our department has been recognized by first year medical students as among the best basic science departments for instruction.

Individual research projects of the Anatomy and Cell Biology faculty are largely complementary and center on cell and developmental biology problems of fundamental importance. Experimental systems make extensive use of cell and tissue culture, as well as established and new animal models including hydra, sea urchin, the frog and chick, zebrafish, and transgenic mice.

Last modified: Dec 06, 2020
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Celebrating Excellence in Anatomical Science - Dr. Bob Klein receives the Henry Gray Distinguished Educator Award from the American Association for Anatomy. Congratulations!

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Department Researchers Received Funding for their Projects - Source: Research Institute Newsletter - FY2020

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