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Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars in the KU School of Medicine receive limited-time appointments funded by grants or other resources. They conduct research, teach or manage a combination of both. The program is a valuable intermediate step in an academic or research career.

Graduates of a doctoral program have a wealth of knowledge that can be expanded within the postdoctoral scholars program. These scholars assist with a variety of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Preparing and reviewing manuscripts
  • Attending and presenting at meetings and seminars
  • Participating in limited-time, teaching-related activities
  • Adding to the Professional and Career Development Archive and the monthly newsletter, Postdoc Press
  • Subscribing to the Postdoc Listserv, which contains career opportunities, funding announcements and other important information
  • Sitting on the Postdoctoral Advisory Committee, a committee of faculty, administrators and postdoctoral scholars that advises and supports the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

In recognition of completing a postdoctoral appointment, scholars may submit an official Postdoctoral Certificate Request. Scholars also receive recognition through the Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholarship Awards, which recognizes the promise and contribution of postdoctoral scholars.

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