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Dr. Lee Laboratory

Eugene Lee, M.D., leads a research team at KU Medical Center dedicated to studying the causes of and latest treatments for bladder cancer.

Eugene Lee, M.D.

Dr. Lee is an assistant professor of urology and specializes in the care of patients with urologic cancer. He serves as the director of clinical research and the resident research program for the Department of Urology. Dr. Lee's laboratory-based research is to understand and evaluate the role of glucose metabolism in bladder cancer growth, in the identification of disease and in the development of potential treatment strategies. His clinical research is focused on improving outcomes in patients with bladder cancer. 

Glucose Metabolism in Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer cells are highly dependent on the availability of glucose in the blood and their surroundings for continual growth. Additionally, diabetic patients with altered glucose metabolism have an increased risk of bladder cancer and an increased risk of recurrence or progression when they have high-grade nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer. Dr. Lee's laboratory is focused on deciphering the mechanisms for increased growth and exploiting these to help develop novel treatment strategies. 

Current Studies

Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle (DEAL) in Patients with Diabetes and Bladder Cancer

Dr. Lee and his team have opened a clinical trial studying the effects of a carbohydrate-restricted diet in patients with diabetes and high-grade nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer. Patients will be provided with dietary counseling, exercise goals and meals for the first three months of participation. The goal is to evaluate the feasibility of a dietary intervention in this patient population and study the effects on a patient's blood and urine glucose levels. The hope is to use this research as a platform for larger randomized clinical trials. The research is supported through a Frontier's Pilot and Collaborative Studies Funding Program Grant (UL1 TR000001) and a Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar Award. Call 913-945-6432 if interested in participating.

A Table-Based Application to Improve Perioperative Outcomes in Radical Cystectomy

Dr. Lee and his team have received a pilot grant from The University of Kansas Cancer Center (5 P30 CA168524-04) to study a tablet-based application to improve perioperative outcomes in radical cystectomy patients. These patients are extremely vulnerable and are at high risk of malnutrition, weight loss, deconditioning and perioperative complications. The goal of the research is to develop a comprehensive application-based program to improve preoperative conditioning and education. Additionally, the application will assist in postoperative medical management of patients after they go home. The goal of the research is to study these methods in larger randomized clinical trials in the future. Call 913-945-6432 if interested in participating.

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