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Research Support

The Department of Radiology is dedicated to facilitating research of investigators throughout the institution who require the use of our equipment, staff, or faculty members.

Ancillary Research Support for External Studies

The Department of Radiology provides services in three main areas. If you'd like us to review your study for radiology impact, or if you need further assistance please email

Image Uploads (paid service)

  • When a study requires electronic image submissions to an image core lab, we create a fee sheet for the study finance team, who confirms if a study has the budget to pay for image upload services.
  • RR will not begin work on a study until we receive confirmation of fees from the PD or Cancer Center finance team.
  • RR contacts the study team to request image core lab access for RR personnel.
  • Study teams use the RRSS, 1.2 Radiology Research Services Request to request image uploads. Contact RR to set up a 20-minute phone training session for all study team personnel who need to request image uploads.
  • RR will assist the study team with queries related to imaging and uploads, however, we will not answer the queries on the study's behalf. We prefer the study coordinators answer queries.
  • Include RR on all internal KOM invites. This allows us to confirm image core lab access for RR personnel and special read information.
  • Only include RR on the sponsor SIV invites if we are required to attend for image core lab training/access purposes. One study team member must be in attendance.
  • If you need to request de-identified images on a CD, contact the Radiology Imaging Center (RIC) at

Special Radiologist Reads

  • If a protocol requires the radiologist to provide additional/specific lesion measurements, we will provide the special read text. Special read text will be sent to the study team (PD/Primary SC) once we receive an activation email or KOM invite.
  • The special read text must then be placed in the Comments (F6) section of the imaging order, which will ensure radiologists know the patient is in a trial and needs a special read.
  • If you need an addendum to a radiology report for a past scan, please directly email the radiologist.

Radiology Impact Review on Behalf of the Hospital

  • We work with hospital radiology to review imaging manuals to ensure study patients are scanned correctly. Please send any imaging site surveys or questionnaires to
  • RR utilizes RRSS, 1.1 Radiology Research Study Review to manage and communicate any radiology-related special instructions for studies. Access to the RRSS requires a 20-minute phone training. All study personnel who coordinate studies involving radiology should take the training.
  • The special instructions text provided in the RRSS 1.1 must then be placed in the Comments (F6) section of the imaging order, which will notify techs that the patient is in a trial and something special needs to be done.

Imaging Feasibility or Site Surveys

Radiology Research helps maintain an equipment list of hospital scanners and software across the health system to aid in the completion of imaging feasibility or site surveys. You can find information you need to complete your survey on our Hospital Radiology Equipment List in the myKUMC intranet (requires authentication).

A note on SmartPhrases - Effective January 2020

  • Due to the high volume of studies involving radiology, SmartPhrases created through December 2019 are assigned to the PD and SC on file. The study teams manage users and content.
  • Studies reviewed from January 2020 to - present do not have SmartPhrases created in O2 by RR.
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