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Psychology division honors graduates during virtual ceremony

Six interns and four postgraduate fellows were recognized during the celebration.

The Division of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Kansas Medical Center celebrated its 2019-20 graduates with virtual ceremony on June 13.

Six interns and four postgraduate fellows were recognized during the celebration.

"I am so very proud of each of you," said Edward Hunter, Ph.D., ABPP, director of training for the psychology division, in addressing the graduates during the ceremony. "This year is no different from other years when I experience the energy, vibrancy, hopes and vision that you bring to the University of Kansas Medical Center. In this group, I think, in particular, I see the passion to go out and really make a better world, and I know that each of you, in your own way, will work in that direction."

This year's intern class included:

  • Matteo Bugatti, M.A.
  • Hilary Galloway-Long, M.S.
  • Lindsey Jenkins, M.A.
  • Andrew Seidman, M.S.
  • Samantha Reznik, M.A.
  • Ruben Tinajero, M.S.

The postdoctoral fellows included:

  • Emma Smith, Ph.D., advanced clinical psychology
  • Nia Billings, Ph.D., neurorehabilitation psychology
  • Hannah Katz, Psy.D., clinical health psychology (oncology emphasis)
  • Kate Conover, Ph.D., family medicine/internal medicine

As part of congratulatory remarks, William Gabrielli, M.D., Ph.D., chair of the department, noted the profession is reaching its most exciting time as the science is rapidly advancing and showing great promise.

"You are privileged to have been invited into a profession that will open many doors, allow you to achieve many things, permit you to touch many lives and grant you many rewards," he said. "At this time in your life, you have great opportunity and great privilege. It is those who have the most privilege and the most opportunity who must make the most difference. This is my charge to you. You must take the advantage we have given you and go forward and make a difference. It's your turn. You must show leadership and become the cornerstone of your great future."

Elizabeth Penick, Ph.D., chief of the psychology division, thanked graduates' families and friends as well as congratulated the graduates for their accomplishments, especially under the unusual circumstances created by the ongoing global pandemic.

"I think we all recognize how weird and peculiar the situation is. But the point is, it doesn't take away from what you're doing, because it really does mean that you've achieved another milestone in your life, and no one can take that away from you," she said. "Take every challenge, do the best you can, and even challenge yourself to do better. Just have fun and have a good life."

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