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Poster for documentary titled We Deserve better. Illustrated image of a Black woman in a red shirt with a gentle smile, with local iconography behind her including sunflowers, Bartle Hall, Kansas City Star newspaper and KC heart sculpture. Text says University of Kansas Sexual Health Empowerment Team Presents We Deserve Better and includes credits of all involved in production.In 2021, we engaged in documentary filmmaking to showcase women’s stories of strategizing, succeeding and navigating health and social life after jail. Relationships with the women spanned eight years with the research team. Community agencies featured are utilized by the women in this project and in Kansas City. The films were directed by Matty Arnold, cinematography by Diego Torroija, produced by Megha Ramaswamy, the University of Kansas Sexual Health Empowerment (S)HE Team, with funding from the National Institutes of Health. Films were written and edited by students in the KU Master of Public Health Program.

Student filmmaker, Andrea McMillian, screened her short film, We Deserve Better at the Public Health Association 150th Annual Conference, in November 2022.

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