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Module Descriptions

The Community Health Center System
This survey module provides an introduction to the community health center "system" and gives students a foundation of factual knowledge, concepts, and vocabulary requisite for subsequent modules in the program. The students examine the components and characteristics of community health centers including issues related to the needs of the medically disadvantaged. Current issues confronting community health centers are explored, as well as possible means for resolving these issues in the future. The history, role and mission of community health centers in general and FQHC's are identified and discussed. We will also discuss cultural issues, governance related to community-based boards, social justice, legal and political advocacy and fund-raising. Also covered are issues related to Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA's) and Medically Underserved Areas (MUA's).

Health Center Management and Leadership
This module focuses on issues related to the management of community health centers. Topics of discussion will include keys to motivating and managing others, empowering and delegating work, building effective teams, leading positive change, triangulation between individuals, managing physician and board relationships, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. We will explore the art of using coaching, counseling and supportive communication to motivate others as well as review the issue of managerial ethics. The evolving role of physicians on the health care team will also be discussed.

Finance and Reimbursement for Community Health Centers
This module will focus on basic financial concepts such as understanding environmental elements that apply financial pressure to health care organizations; identifying parts and inter-relationship of financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. We will cover key third party reimbursement including payers and reimbursement mechanisms, Medicaid and managed care and the related cost reporting requirements. We will also key on a number of financial aspects that require managerial focus such as understanding key financial indicators related to financial statement analysis; coding issues and not-for-profit compliance issues; and capital investment. Finally we will review budgeting and planning basics including forecasting techniques for projecting gross revenues, net revenues and expenses.

Clinic-based Information Systems
This module will cover the fundamental concepts of management information systems including issues surrounding the electronic medical record, data security and patient privacy. We cover the basics regarding how to evaluate, plan and purchase information systems. Finally we will discuss the uses of healthcare information for clinical and strategic analysis and decision support.

Human Resource Management
This module deals primarily with issues concerning recruitment and retention of staff. This includes the art of interviewing and talent identification, work place governance, performance reviews - including the CEO and the Board, contract negotiation and physician management issues. We will also review issues related to risk management including the Federal Tort Claims Act, Director's and officer's liability and OSHA.

Planning and Outcomes Analysis
This module covers planning and evaluation in a community health center setting. Each lesson integrates BPHC program requirements as well as the philosophy and culture of the community health center movement. Specific topics include how to create a strategic plan that moves your organization forward, how to develop a community health center new access point grant application, how the social determinants of health impact the health of underserved populations and affect compliance, how to conduct a community needs assessment, and how to conduct a program evaluation in a health center setting.  The coursework offers a theoretical approach to the topics and skill building.


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