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CHCEF Program Details

Please review all our program details below:

The Community Health Center Executive Fellowship (CHCEF) is a year-long, online program developed and directed by the University of Kansas Medical Center's Department of Population Health. A maximum of 25 fellows are accepted in any one year. The CHCEF is designed to prepare the fellows for positions of leadership and management in community health centers.

The program begins with a synchronous online kickoff session.  In the kickoff session, fellows will have the opportunity to meet the others in their cohort and the instructors. The kickoff session will also include a program and course overview and training on the learning management system used in the program, Blackboard.

After the kickoff, fellows will participate in six asynchronous online learning modules. All the program learning elements will be on Blackboard which fellows will access via the internet. These learning elements may include various components such as learning objectives, reading assignments, lecture presentations, quizzes, written assignments, discussion boards, etc. Each module may include a different combination of learning elements. There will be weekly assignments and opportunity for interaction with the instructor. Fellows should anticipate dedicating between five and ten hours per week to the program.

Each of the six modules runs for five weeks with a two-week break between modules. At the conclusion of the six modules, students will participate in a capstone conference in Kansas City.  The capstone will also include a graduation ceremony in which fellows will receive certificates and pins identifying them as Health Center Executive Fellows. View the academic calendar.


In order to succeed in the program, a fellow must earn at least a "C" average (70% of the total points available) in each module. Overall, the student must attain a "B" average for the program (80% of the total cumulative points available for all six modules.) Anyone who fails a module will be given the chance to make it up. Anyone who fails two modules will be dropped from the program.

The fellowship program consists of six modules which cover the spectrum of community health center management. The modules cover the following areas: The Community Center Health Care System; Health Center Management and Leadership; Finance and Reimbursement for Community Health Centers; Human Resource Management; Planning and Outcomes Analysis; and Clinic-based Information Systems. View the detailed description for each module.

The courses are taught online using the Blackboard course management system.  Fellows are required to complete reading and written assignments, to participate in discussion board submissions and to work with designated teams consisting of other students in the program. The program is primarily conducted in an asynchronous manner (i.e. the student is not required to be online at any given time except for the kickoff and capstone events). On occasion an instructor may conduct a synchronous online session. However, this is not routine.

Modules are graded using and A, B, C or F scale. A grade of F is rare and generally indicates that the student has stopped participating in the module and most likely will result in the dismissal of the student from the program unless there are extenuating circumstances. A grade of C in a module will put the student on probation. A second grade of C may result in the dismissal of the student from the program.

The University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Population Health's policies regarding academic integrity, including plagiarism, apply and will be enforced in this program.

The total program fee is $5,100. There will be no refund if a fellow drops the program. Participants are also responsible for the cost of any required books or readings that are not otherwise available. If desired, upon successful completion of the fellowship, 45 Continuing Education Units (CEU) may be obtained for an additional fee of $250.00.

Participants may be eligible for some reimbursement from their center depending on the policies of their particular center. Please check with your center director.

The program fee covers only a portion of the costs associated with capstone and graduation activities. Each fellow will be responsible for his or her travel, lodging, and most meal costs associated with the capstone and graduation activities.

Admission Requirements

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that applicants have a Bachelor's Degree level of education before entering the program. Applicant must also be employed at a community health center or a primary care association. 

Required Application Documents

1. A completed admissions application.

2. Recommendation from community health center or primary care association manager 

3. A personal statement (two pages maximum) that outline the reasons you would like to pursue the Fellowship program and your commitment to completing the program. This statement should also include career objectives and your work experience in a community health care setting.

4. An updated copy of your resume, indicating your education and work background, memberships in professional and service organizations, etc.

Application Acceptance: The applications will be reviewed and approved by an admissions committee comprised of staff members and faculty of the Department of Population Health, University of Kansas Medical Center.

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