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The University of Kansas Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program aims to:

  1. Produce physiatrists who are the essential medical experts in management of neuromusculoskeletal and disabling conditions, leaders in directing rehabilitation and recovery, and specialists in optimizing outcomes and function early and throughout the continuum of care, whether it is in the academic or private practice setting. 
  2. Train and educate well-rounded physiatrists who are competent in practice and will successfully pass the certifying examination of the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (ABPMR). 
  3. Prepare residents to achieve a competitive fellowship position in a well-balanced variety of subspecialty areas for those who desire additional training. 
  4. Adapt program needs to train graduates to be successful in a changing marketplace for post-acute care and future trends in management of neuromusculoskeletal and disabling conditions through research, teaching, and clinical practice. 

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Residency Program trains and educates effective and efficient physicians who are qualified to take the certifying examination of the American Board of PM&R. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine expects that all of its trainees successfully pass their American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation examinations. The Department's goal is to also train excellence in the 6 main ACGME resident competencies:

  1. Patient care
  2. Medical knowledge
  3. Practice-based learning and improvement
  4. Interpersonal and communication skills
  5. Professionalism
  6. System-based practice

In addition, the program will help the resident achieve a subspecialty fellowship position if that is their aim. Above all, the goal is to produce PM & R physicians who can deliver exemplary patient care, provide consultation to colleagues and practice effective yet efficient medicine in our society today.

To accomplish this mission, the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine provides an organized PM & R Educational Program that integrates didactic activities with opportunities for diagnosis and management of patients under appropriate levels of supervision. The quantity and quality of patient care is given the highest priority, with an appropriate balance between resident education and the service needs of patient care. Guidance and supervision of the resident is required of all faculty so as to facilitate professional and personal growth while ensuring safe and appropriate patient care.

Additionally, the resident is provided with support to complete an individual research project or scholarly activity in hopes of leading to both respect/understanding of such scholarly activity and a formal scientific presentation or publication outside of the institution. Lastly, the residents are encouraged to promote better understanding of the purpose, potential, and need for PM & R amongst their physician colleagues and to clarify the PM & R physician's role as a caregiver to the impaired and disabled populations.

In keeping with our medical school and the American Association of Medical Colleges, the Department recognizes that the resident's primary role is that of a trainee in an educationl program rather than an employee. In this "educational" setting, the Department nevertheless recognizes and supports reasonable stipends, benefits, duty hours, and other factors that make for resident physicians who are enthusiastic and better learners in their working environment.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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