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Ongoing Studies at the Baby Lab

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Early Attention and Language Development

This study recruited infants at 6-months of age, with visits to the lab between 6 months through 18 months of age. Parents and their infants participated in a variety of activities looking at early attention and language skills during the lab visit. We will follow up with questionnaires through early childhood. This study will help us better understand how infants' early attention in the first year of life relates to their communication and language development in early toddlerhood and beyond.

Early Learning Project

This study recruited infants between 12- and 30-months of age to help us learn about how early book-sharing with young children can support early language and cognitive development. Parents and their child participated in group sessions that focused on using specific book-sharing strategies. This study will help us understand more about how to promote early learning opportunities for young children, especially during book-sharing.

Following Language Growth in Autism at Home (FLASH)

We are studying language growth over time in children 1 to 5 years with autism or waiting for an autism diagnosis. Participation involves completing online surveys and play-based assessments at a clinic or in your home. Eligible participants will receive $100 and additional reimbursement for additional activities. Contact us at or visit the FLASH website. You can see a short video here about the FLASH study.


Growth of Communication in Children with Autism (GO CCHAT) 

Researchers with the Communication Success Lab at KU, in conjunction with the Life Span Institute, are recruiting families with children 18-30 months old for a study on the development of language and communication in very young children with or believed to have autism spectrum disorder. Information on the GO CCHAT study can be found on the GO CCHAT website or email at Compensation for travel and time available.

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Talk With Me Baby

This study is recruiting primary care clinics and families to understand more about how to support child language development and school readiness during well-child care visits. Contact for more information.

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