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Information for Researchers

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The Baby Lab Research Registry is part of the Clinical Translational Core (CTC) of the Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (KIDDRC). KIDDRC has been supported by the NICHD for the past 45 years. Throughout its history, the KIDDRC has played a major role in supporting research on the causes, prevention and treatment of intellectual disabilities. 

The Baby Lab Research Registry is available to KIDDRC-affiliated researchers and can provide investigators with access and assistance in identifying potential infant and young child research participants. The Baby Lab can also assist with supporting investigators with recruitment campaign efforts.

Getting Started

To get started with accessing the registry, Investigators should complete the request form. Investigators may also contact and direct questions to Dr. Brenda Salley. All requests are reviewed by the KIDDRC Database Committee and subject to Human Subjects Committee approval.

Request Registry Access

Investigators who use the KIDDRC/Baby Lab Research Registry are expected to inform research participants about specific study results, as a way to thank them for participating.

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