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Peer Partnerships

ArcadeGNO includes girls and young women with and without disabilities. Peer participants are a valuable component to the GNO program. We recruit peer volunteers to model healthy social interactions, behaviors and strategies used in the GNO program model. Peers play a big role in helping to create social opportunities and model use of skills and supports within natural community settings.

Everyone in the group (peers & participants) is encouraged to support each other in achieving personal goals and enhancing self-confidence. One of our mantras is we ALL have things to work on! GNO facilitators coach peers to create genuine social interactions, identify shared interests, and engage in meaningful connections. We focus on the social skills used to make and keep friends while having fun! 

We recruit peer participants throughout the year! Get involved!! 

GNO peer volunteer application 

( As soon as we receive your completed application form, you will be added to our GNO list serve and someone from our team will contact you to schedule a phone interview. 

GNO Peer Expectations & Commitments:

  • Attend GNO peer training.
  • Attend 90% of GNO sessions in the KC metro area (e.g., skills group: 6-12 sessions, 1x each week, approx. 2 hours). 
  • Demonstrate healthy and genuine social interactions.
  • Relate to others and engage in conversations.
  • Utilize GNO supports and materials to achieve individualized goals. 

Interested in Being a Facilitator?

The GNO program is recruiting facilitators for upcoming skills groups & community events!

GNO Facilitator Application

School of Medicine

University of Kansas Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics
Mail Stop 4004
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone: 913-588-6338