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Clerkship Overview

The Department of Pediatrics considers the Pediatrics clerkship to be the most valuable introductory Pediatric experience for students.

Under staff supervision, students will have responsibility for the full spectrum of patient care, including an interview of the patient or parent, physical examination, and diagnostic synthesis. Experience in major areas of the field of pediatrics will be gained through interaction with patients and families and through attendance of conferences.

Each student will be assigned patients in wards, newborn nursery, and/or clinics. They will be expected to attend lectures, teaching rounds, and conferences. Throughout the course, there will be many opportunities to review work-up, discuss problems, and evaluate progress with staff.

Clinical Sites

The Pediatric Clerkship spans eight weeks. Students are in didactic sessions on campus in Week 1 and Week 8. The six weeks in between will be devoted almost exclusively to clinical service. Students will be assigned to three two-week blocks that provide a mix of both inpatient and outpatient experiences. Student assignments involve patient care at the following:

  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • KU Pediatrics Prairie Village clinic
  • Children's Mercy Hospital Adele Hall (main campus)
  • CMH Kansas Emergency Medicine
  • CMH Urgent Care (Blue Valley, East, Northland)
  • CMH PCC Broadway Clinic
  • The University of Kansas Health System - Marillac Campus
  • Rural rotations (requested through the Rural Medical Education Office)

Clerkship Faculty & Staff

Lore Nelson, M.D.
Course Director

Grace Brouillette, D.O., MBA
Course Co-Director

Patty Cook
Clerkship Coordinator

School of Medicine

University of Kansas Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics
Mail Stop 4004
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone: 913-588-6338