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Clinical Trials

Retrospective studies help analyze the patterns and outcomes for patients to improve the evidence base for our treatment options and generate hypotheses for future research.

The Department conducts ongoing, critical review of the care we provide to our patients. The use of large national administrative datasets allows for health services research that examines similar questions on a national scale looking for trends and opportunities for improvements in care related to otolaryngology as it's performed in the United States.

Our clinical research is led by Kevin Sykes, PhD, MPH, our Director of Clinical Research who has been in the role since 2005.  The clinical research staff includes Clinical Research Coordinator Bryan Humphrey, RRT-NPS; Robert Wright, MPH; 3 research fellows, a research assistant, and grants/contracts manager.

Hearing and balance-related research

As one of the leading neurotology sites in the United States for hearing and balance related research and clinical trials, we attract patients from across the country interested in advancing science and receiving care that is only offered at select institutions. This research includes a first of its kind Phase I clinical trial testing the safety and tolerability of an inner ear infusion of CGF166, a gene therapy aiming to treat severe to profound hearing loss.

Head and neck oncology

We routinely offer clinical trials in head and neck oncology, pediatric otolaryngology and rhinology. We are currently enrolling in the clinical trials listed below, and one of our clinical research team members would be happy to help you learn more about these trials.

To confirm your eligibility to participate in a clinical trial, contact our clinical research office by emailing or by dialing (913) 588-6701.

1st Clinical Trial to Restore Hearing

Fifteen years of research by Dr. Hinrich Staecker are behind a clinical study to implant a remarkable virus to restore hearing in patients with severe hearing loss.

Active Clinical Research Trials in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery


Long-term Safety and Efficacy Follow-up Study of CGF166-Treated Patients
Principal Investigator: Hinrich Staecker, MD, PhD

The HEARRING Registry, Quality of Life Assessment, and Genetic Sub-Studies - A Collaborative Effort for Global Outcomes with MED-EL Hearing Implants
Principal Investigator: Hinrich Staecker, MD, PhD

Electric-Acoustic Stimulation Extended Follow-up Post-Approval Study
Principal Investigator: Hinrich Staecker, MD, PhD

General Otolaryngology

Adherence and Outcome of Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) for OSA International Registry (ADHERE)
Principal Investigator: Christopher Larsen, MD

Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy Evaluation of Airway Changes with Hyo-Mandibular Suspension
Principal Investigator: Christopher Larsen, MD

Prospective, Non-Randomized Registry for the Evaluation of Sialendoscopy in the Diagnosis and Management of Sialolithiasis and Chronic Sialadenitis
Principal Investigator: Christopher Larsen, MD

PROSPECTIVE Monitoring Juvenile Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis - A Multicenter CDC Sponsored Registry
Principal Investigator: Daniel Bruegger, MD

Head and Neck Oncology

Patient Education and Satisfaction in Free Flap Surgery
Principal Investigator: Kiran Kakarala, MD


At-Home Olfactory Training
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Villwock, MD

A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled Phase 3 Efficacy and Safety Study of Benralizumab in Patients with Severe Nasal Polyposis (OSTRO)
Principal Investigator: David Beahm, MD

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