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ENT in Napa Program

This 3-day program includes 18 hours of CME.  Program sessions are in the Amphora Ballroom at the Westin Verasa Napa Hotel.

Program at a Glance
7:00am Registration Check-In Begins
7:00am Breakfast
7:30-7:45am  Welcome by Alexander Chiu, MD
7:45-9:30am Otology Session
Hinrich Staecker, MD, PhD Aural Fullness-Differential and Treatment
Doron Sagiv, MD Updates and Innovations in Implantable Hearing Devices
Jim Lin, MD Effective Handling of the Dizzy Patient
Otology Case Panel Hinrich Staecker, MD, PhD (moderator); Doron Sagiv, MD;
Jim Lin, MD
9:30-9:45am Coffee Break with Exhibitors
9:45-10:30am Keynote  
Al Merati, MD What I Have Learned about Vocal Fold Paralysis in the Past 20 Years
10:30am-12:15pm Laryngology Session 
Peter Belafsky, MD Most Common Causes of Solid Food Dysphagia
Shannon Kraft, MD The Aging Voice
Maggie Kuhn, MD New Tools in Chronic Cough Treatment
Laryngology Case Panel Maggie Kuhn, MD (moderator); Peter Belafsky, MD;
Shannon Kraft, MD; Al Merati, MD
12:15 pm Lunch and Product Theater with Medtronic
1:15-3:00pm Head and Neck Surgery, Endocrine, and Salivary Session 
Marianne Abouyared, MD Leukoplakia and Pre-Malignancies of Oral Cavity
Kiran Kakarala, MD Evidence Based Management of Salivary Cancers
Andrés Bur, MD HPV OPC - Current Practice and De-Intensification
HNS Case Panel Marianne Abouyared, MD (moderator); Kiran Kakarala, MD;
Lisa Shnayder, MD; Andrés Bur, MD; Andrew
Birkeland, MD
3:00-3:15pm Coffee Break with Exhibitors 
3:15-4:15pm Breakout Sessions with Case-Based Discussions focused on Laryngology and Thyroid
5:30-8:00pm Reception for all attendees 

7:00am Registration Check-In Begins
7:00am Breakfast
7:00am  Welcome by Arnaud Bewley, MD
7:15am Product Demonstration by GSK
7:45am-9:30am Pediatric Otolaryngology Session
Aditi Bhuskute, MD Pediatric Cochlear Implantation
Erynne Faucett, MD Updates on Pediatric OSA
Robert Weatherly, MD What (I Believe) I Learned During the COVID-19
Pediatric Otolaryngology Case Panel Erynne Faucett, MD (moderator); Aditi Bhuskute, MD;
Robert Weatherly, MD; Dan Bruegger, MD
9:30am Coffee Break with Exhibitors
9:45-10:30am Keynote
Jim Palmer, MD 20 Years of Evolving Surgical and Medical
Philosophies in Rhinology
10:30am-12:15pm Rhinology Session
Meha Fox, MD Olfaction and COVID-19
Toby Steele, MD Peri-Operative Pearls for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
David Beahm, MD Polyps and Biologics
Rhinology Case Panel Toby Steele, MD (Moderator); Jim Palmer, MD;
Meha Fox, MD; Alexander Chiu, MD; Satish Govindaraj, MD
12:15pm Lunch and Product Theater with Sanofi | Regeneron
1:15-3:00pm Sleep and Comprehensive Otolaryngology Session
Chris Larsen, MD Snoring: What Dentists Know that We Don't
Scott Fuller, MD Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator
Lane Squires, MD Sialendoscopy: A Realistic Guide to Gland Preservation Techniques
Comprehensive Oto Case Panel Chris Larsen, MD (moderator); Scott Fuller, MD;
Lane Squires, MD
3:00pm Coffee Break with Exhibitors
3:15-4:15pm Breakout Sessions with Case-Based Discussions focused on
Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery
6:00-9:00pm Dinner for all attendees at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia
500 1st Street, Napa, CA
(within walking distance of the Westin)

7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Welcome by Arnaud Bewley, MD
8:15-10:00am Facial Plastic Surgery and Trauma Session
Brad Strong, MD Updates on Management of Orbital Trauma
Clint Humphrey, MD Functional Rhinoplasty
John Flynn, MD Updates in Facial Paralysis and Synkinesis
Facial Plastic Surgery Case Panel Clint Humphrey, MD (moderator); John Flynn, MD;
Brad Strong, MD
10:00-10:15am Coffee Break with Exhibitors
10:15am-12:00n Practice Management Session
Beverly Garber, NP Integrating APPs in Practice
James Garber, RN, MBA Updates in Practice Management
Jim Lin, MD CMS Billing and Coding Update
Practice Management Case Panel Jim Lin, MD (moderator); Beverly Garber, NP;
James Garber, RN, MBA
12:00n Adjourn