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Episode 6. Demystifying the Promotion Process – Interview with Dianne Durham, PhD (audio)

Episode 6 of the podcast series Rx:Fierce, a podcast focusing on women in Otolaryngology

Dianne Durham, PhD

Ever wonder what actually happens during promotion and tenure (P&T) committee meetings? What are they saying about you behind those closed doors? What can you do to set yourself up for success? What are common pitfalls and how can you avoid them? These questions, and more, answered in this episode!

Since many institutions promotion applications open in the spring, we thought those in academic practice may find benefit in this interview with Dr. Dianne Durham. She is a full Professor of Otolaryngology and is an accomplished basic science researcher in vestibular pathology. In her role as the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, she has helped countless faculty through the P&T process and is passionate about supporting faculty through all stages of their development.

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