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Episode 3. Introduction to Coaching with Katrina Ubell MD (audio)

Episode 3 in the podcast series Rx:Fierce, a podcast focusing on women in Otolaryngology

Katrina Umbell MD

In this episode, we meet Katrina Ubell, MD and begin our journey together!

Katrina is a fantastic physician coach. Her podcast - Weight Loss for Busy Physicians - is widely popular in the medical community. I (Jen) have been listening to Katrina's podcast for years and have recently turned Erynne into an avid fan as well. The reason is that while the podcast says it's about weight loss, it's really about developing mental tools to help you live a better life. Katrina provides amazing coaching content that can be immediately applied to your life! Who doesn't need more of that?

More information about Katrina, the work she does, free resources, and how you can sign up to work with her can be found at

In this episode, Katrina Ubell, MD explains the purpose of coaching and self-coaching, who it's for, how it can be most effectively used, and why the ability to coach ourselves and analyze how our thoughts are contributing to our experiences is so important.

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