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University of Kansas Eye Center: Educating tomorrow's generation ~ caring for today's

Since the Residency Program at the University of Kansas Department of Ophthalmology started in 1946, 177 Residents have graduated (including the Class of 2023). A top priority and goal are to increase the numbers of residents in our program, which, as the Department continues to grow, is more and more attainable.  Ophthalmologists are very much needed, especially in the Midwest, so it is imperative we train more ophthalmologists to fill this need, as well as to replace those physicians who retire or relocate.  Without doing so, the accessibility and availability of quality vision care is jeopardized.  Of the 200 ophthalmologists with active licenses in the State of Kansas, 47 received their MD from KU and 32 are alumni from the University of Kansas Eye Center Residency Program.  View a map of where graduates of our residency program are located.

University of Kansas Eye Center Residency Program Alumni

We'd love to hear from you, so please send  Deb Kephart  any updates or corrections to the directory below, along with any news to share!

Here is what a few of our recent graduates are doing!

Class of 2023

Akhila Alapati, M.D.
Uveitis Fellowship, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Megan Haghnegahdar, M.D.
Cornea and External Disease Fellowship, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Jordan Miller, M.D.
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, Veteran's Administration Hospital, Oklahoma

Harrison Sciulli, MD
Retina Fellowship, Retina Associates, Cleveland, Ohio

Class of 2022

Stephen Ambrose, MD

Stephen Ambrose, M.D.
Glaucoma Fellowship, Emory University, Atlanta, GA - Glaucoma Specialist Faculty, KU Eye Center, July 2023

M. Patrick Grogan, M.D.
Medical Retina Fellowship, Bascom Palmer, Miami, FL

Samuel Long, M.D.
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, Boulder CO

David Nasrazadani, MD
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, Springfield, MO

Scott J. Fudemberg, MDScott J. Fudemberg, MD, FACS 
Class of 2007
St. Louis, MO
University of Pennsylvania
St. Louis University School of Medicine
Glaucoma--Wills Eye
Board of Managers, Vantage EyeCare, LLC and Assistant Professor, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
My co-residents: Eric Fry and Brandon Davis
Great surgical experience and training

Jen Spiegel, MD and family

Jen Spiegel, MD
Class of 2013
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Undergrad: University of Kansas
Medical School: University of Kansas
Fellowship: Vitreoretinal Surgery, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans LA
Current practice: Pacific Eye, San Luis Obispo CA
Best memory of KU residency: Carb loading/"studying" with fellow residents Dr. Linquist and Dr. Shaw 
I was familiar with everyone in the KU Ophthalmology department having done my med school training at Kansas. I chose KU because I knew I would be working with excellent doctors in a great hospital system. Truly solid training has given me foundation for my challenging career: the only vitreoretinal surgeon in a practice full of anterior segment guys!

Chairman: John A. Billingsley, MD 1945 - 1950
Loy, David, MD 1946-1947
Polson, Robert C., MD 1946-1947
Bosilevac, Fred N., MD 1947-1949
Padfield, Earl G., MD 1947-1949
Enns, James H., MD 1948-1950
Chairman: A.N. Lemoine, Jr., MD  1950-1980
Ryan, William H., MD  1949-1951
Robison, James T., MD   1950-1952
Carter, Mack A., MD 1951-1953
Unruh, John W., MD    1952-1954
Elser, Otto H., MD 1953-1955
McEwen, Stanley R., MD   1955-1957
Relihan, Donald A., MD  1955-1957
Bradford, John F., MD  1956-1959
Hyde, Lawrence L., MD 1957-1960
Prokop, Bradford S., MD   1958-1961
Smith, Wallace B., MD  1959-1962
Barr, Richard N., MD    1961-1964
Meyer, Roger A., MD  1962-1965
Spalding, David L., MD  1962-1965
Kunkle, Frank Albert, MD  1961-1962; 1963-1965
Cozean, Charles H., MD 1963-1966
Faust, Arland, MD  1963-1966
Kandt, Ray E., MD    1964-1967
Weir, Robert K., MD  1964-1967
Black, Thomas C., Jr., MD   1965-1968
Wurster, Jerry B., MD 1965-1968
Huerter, Quentin C., MD      1966-1969
Kovarik, Ernest D., MD  1967-1969
Plager, Stephan D., MD 1967-1970
Godfrey, William A., MD  1968-1971 ~ Current Faculty
Bell, Deloris W., MD    1969-1972
Nesmith, Leslie W., MD 1969-1972
Hunkeler, John D., MD   1970-1973
Schlemmer, Roger B., MD 1970-1973
Weaver, W. Danville, MD 1970-1973
Eggleston, Richard J., MD 1971-1974
Laird, Dale D., MD  1971-1974
Wilson, Stewart M. Jr., MD 1971-1974
Stauffer, Larry K., MD     1972-1975
Schuetz, Perry N., MD  1973-1975
Goetzinger, Robert T., MD 1973-1976
Pekas, Michael W., MD  1973-1976
Stout, Carl N., MD  1973-1976
Cohen, Justin T., MD  1974-1977
Curran, Terrence, MD 1974-1977
Schubert, A. William, MD 1974-1977
Griffith, Frank H., MD 1975-1978
Puro, Gary V., MD    1975-1978
Cox, Terry A., MD  1976-1979
Moulton, Everett C., III   1976-1979
Golino, Andre J., MD   1977-1979
Irwin, Richard, MD  1977-1980
Smith, C. Byron, III, MD 1977-1980


Chairman: Theodore Lawwill, MD 1980 - 1994
Sarno, E. Michael, MD  1978-1981
Genstler, Darrell E., MD 1979-1981
Hartong, Toby J., MD  1979-1982
King, Daniel M., MD 1979-1982
Moore Crandall, Valerie, MD  1979-1982
Grene, R.Bruce, MD   1980-1983
Hendricks, K. Dwight, MD   1980-1983
Rothberg, David S., MD  1980-1983
Turner, Patricia L., MD 1981-1984 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Varenhorst, Michael P., MD       1981-1984
Witcraft, Chauncey B., MD 1981-1984
Haug, James D., MD    1982-1985
Murphy, Forrest P., MD 1982-1985
Rice, Geoffrey L., MD 1982-1985
Campbell, Thomas P., MD 1983-1986
Jefferson, Andrew J., MD 1983-1986
Maxwell, Donald P., Jr, MD 1983-1986
Beck, William R., MD 1984-1987
Simone, Joseph N., MD  1984-1987
Unterman, Steven R., MD 1984-1987
Kresie, Randall J., MD     1985-1988
McDonald, Thomas L., MD  1985-1988
Rinne, James R., MD 1985-1988
Malloy, Barry C., MD   1986-1989
Penzler, Cindy E., MD 1986-1989
Stiles, Michael C., MD 1986-1989 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Cavanaugh, Timothy B., MD  1987-1990
Mazow, Mark L., MD 1987-1990
Wayner, Matthew J., MD 1987-1990
Lagreca, Brian A., MD  1988-1992
Riley, Alan W., MD 1988-1992
Wellish, Kent L., MD  1988-1992
Butler, Trey M., MD  1989-1993
Emig, Mark D., MD  1989-1993
Graham, Charles E., MD 1989-1993
Kalin-Johnson, Cindi, MD 1990-1994
Stein, Richard, MD   1990-1994
Williams, Thomas, MD 1990-1994
Doane, John F.,MD      1991-1995 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Hardin, James, MD 1991-1995
Reinke,Martin, MD  1991-1995
Chairman: John D. Hunkeler, MD 1994 - 2000
Gemperli, Amy W., MD  1993-1996
Huaman, Ana, MD 1993-1996
Jayne, Russell, MD     1993-1996
Marsh, John, MD  1993-1996
Al Hakim, Hasan, MD   1994-1997
Babel, Douglas, MD 1994-1997
Lind, Diana, DO 1994-1997
Mitrev, Peter, MD  1995-1998
Garden, Valerie, MD   1996-1999
Mulrooney, Brian C., MD  1996-1999
Stout, Timothy M., MD 1996-1999
Ullrich, Chris, DO 1996-1999


Chairman: Keith A. Warren, MD 2000-2002 (Interim); 2002-2005
Mattioli, Federico, MD  1997-2000
Palmer, Charles, MD 1997-2000
Brown, Lance, MD  1998-2001
Canon, Patrick K., MD 1998-2001
Foote, Michael W., MD 1999-2002
Larscheid, Ryan C., MD  1999-2002
Subramanian, Manju L., MD   1999-2002
Hiatt, James A., MD  2000-2003
Jehan, Faisal S., MD 2000-2003
Vu, Them L., MD 2000-2003
Jackson, Randolph, MD 2001-2004
Nickel, Todd, DO 2001-2004
Suiter, Beatty, MD  2001-2004 ~ Current Volunteer FacultY


Chairman: George Varghese, MD 2005 - 2006 (Interim)
Ferreira, Cindi, MD 2002-2005
Karimi, Neda, MD    2002-2005
Stechschulte, Ann, MD 2002-2005
Berger, Ravi, MD 2003-2006
Ciccio, Amy, MD 2003-2006
Chairman: John E. Sutphin, MD 2006-2022
Davis, Brandon, MD 2004-2007
Fry, Eric, MD   2004-2007 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Fudemberg, Scott, MD  2004-2007
Christensen, Ryan, MD 2005-2008
Iyengar, Srinivas, MD   2005-2008
Villate, Natalia, MD 2005-2008
Bahrani, Hasan, MD 2006-2009
Stahl, Erin, MD  2006-2009 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Yao, Michelle, MD 2007-2009
Bishara, Miranda, MD 2007-2010 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Floyd, Michael, MD  2007-2010
Kump, Leila, MD 2009-2010
Brusco, Michael, MD  2008-2011
Kumar, Kartik, MD 2008-2011
Lindquist, Timothy, MD 2009-2012
Pine, Ryan, MD  2009-2012
Shaw, MyLe, MD  2009-2012
Dastjerdi, Mohammad, MD  2010-2013
Linquist, Rebecca, MD 2010-2013
Spiegel, Jennifer, MD   2010-2013
AufderHeide, Adam, MD   2011-2014
Campbell (Gupta), Anita, MD 2011-2014
Hromas, Alan, MD 2011-2014
Broxterman, Emily, MD 2012-2015 ~ Current Faculty
Champion, Mary, MD 2012-2015 ~ Current Faculty
Dumitrescu, Alina, MD 2012-2015
Boyce, Michelle, MD  2013-2016 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Parlin (Berry), Anna, MD   2013-2016
Yang, Lillian, MD   2013-2016
Horkey, Derek, MD  2014-2017
Null, Robert, MD  2014-2017 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Quick, Anjulie, MD   2014-2017 ~ Current Faculty
Dolezal, Luke, MD 2015-2018
Jones, Joshua, MD  2015-2018
Mollman, Reid, MD  2015-2018
Gilbert, Michael, MD  2016-2019
Manhard, Jonathan, MD   2016-2019
Capps, Denise, MD 2017-2020
Donaghy Gillmor, Christina, MD 2017-2020
Kam, Yong, MD 2017-2020 ~ Current Volunteer Faculty
Brass, Connor, MD 2018-2021
Kimple, Travis, MD    2018-2021
Stefonowicz, Christopher MD 2018-2021
Ambrose, Stephen, MD 2019-2022
Grogan, Patrick, MD   2021-2022
Long, Samuel, MD 2019-2022
Nasrazadani, David, MD     2019-2022


Chairman: Jason A. Sokol, MD 2023-present (Interim)
Alapati, Akhila, MD  2020-2023
Haghnegahdar, Megan, MD 2020-2023
O'Dell (Miller), Jordan, MD 2020-2023
Sciulli, Harrison, MD 2020-2023


KU School of Medicine

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Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone: 913-588-6600
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