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Below are recent articles published by our obstetrics and gynecology faculty, residents, fellows, and staff.

Our recent publications by category

Eisenach NA, Uvodich ME, Wolff SF, French VA. Initiation of Postpartum Contraception by 90 Days at a Midwest Academic CenterKans J Med. 2020;13:202-208. Published 2020 Aug 17.

Iweha C, Graham A, Cui W, Marsh C, Nothnick WB. The uterine natural killer cell, cytotoxic T lymphocyte, and granulysin levels are elevated in the endometrium of women with nonstructural abnormal uterine bleedingF S Sci. 2022;3(3):246-254. doi:10.1016/j.xfss.2022.04.003

French VA, Mattingly TL, Rangel AV, Shelton AU. Availability of ulipristal acetate: A secret shopper survey of pharmacies in a metropolitan area on emergency contraceptionJ Am Pharm Assoc (2003). 2019;59(6):832-835. doi:10.1016/j.japh.2019.06.018

Grimstad F, McLaren H, Gray M. The gynecologic examination of the transfeminine person after penile inversion vaginoplastyAm J Obstet Gynecol. 2021;224(3):266-273. doi:10.1016/j.ajog.2020.10.002

Gorczyca AM, Steger FL, Ptomey LT, et al. The impact of a group based, remotely delivered weight loss intervention in women with polycystic ovary syndrome on ovulation, quality of life and body compositionFront Reprod Health. 2022;4:940945. Published 2022 Jul 22. doi:10.3389/frph.2022.940945

Linscheid C, Holoch K, Moran HK, Spoozak L. Case Report: Uterine Didelphys and Cervical Agenesis in an 18 Year-Old Woman Presenting with a Pelvic MassJ Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2021;34(5):758-760. doi:10.1016/j.jpag.2021.02.100

Nothnick WB, Peterson R, Minchella P, Falcone T, Graham A, Findley A. The Relationship and Expression of miR-451amiR-25-3p and PTEN in Early Peritoneal Endometriotic Lesions and Their Modulation In VitroInt J Mol Sci. 2022;23(11):5862. Published 2022 May 24. doi:10.3390/ijms23115862

Satterwhite CL, French V, Allison M, Honderick T, Ramaswamy M. Access to contraception in local health departments, four Midwest states, 2017-2018Contraception. 2019;99(6):363-367. doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2019.02.009

Shahiri P, Dillon AH, French V. Fibroadenoma Presenting as a Vulvar MassKans J Med. 2020;13:322-323. Published 2020 Dec 11. doi:10.17161/kjm.vol13.14549

Asem M, Young A, Oyama C, et al. Ascites-induced compression alters the peritoneal microenvironment and promotes metastatic success in ovarian cancerSci Rep. 2020;10(1):11913. Published 2020 Jul 17. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-68639-2

Ganju RG, TenNapel M, Spoozak L, Chen AM, Hoover A. The impact of skeletal muscle abnormalities on tolerance to adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation and outcome in patients with endometrial cancerJ Med Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2020;64(1):104-112. doi:10.1111/1754-9485.12935

Grimstad FW, Fowler KG, New EP, et al. Uterine pathology in transmasculine persons on testosterone: a retrospective multicenter case seriesAm J Obstet Gynecol. 2019;220(3):257.e1-257.e7. doi:10.1016/j.ajog.2018.12.021

Gupta VG, Hirst J, Petersen S, et al. Entinostat, a selective HDAC1/2 inhibitor, potentiates the effects of olaparib in homologous recombination proficient ovarian cancerGynecol Oncol. 2021;162(1):163-172. doi:10.1016/j.ygyno.2021.04.015

Kang EY, Weir A, Meagher NS, et al. CCNE1 and survival of patients with tubo-ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma: An Ovarian Tumor Tissue Analysis consortium studyCancer. 2023;129(5):697-713. doi:10.1002/cncr.34582

Lheureux S, Matei DE, Konstantinopoulos PA, et al. Translational randomized phase II trial of cabozantinib in combination with nivolumab in advanced, recurrent, or metastatic endometrial cancerJ Immunother Cancer. 2022;10(3):e004233. doi:10.1136/jitc-2021-004233

Moran HK, Brooks JV, Spoozak L. "There's somebody like me": perspectives of a peer-to-peer gynecologic cancer mentorship programSupport Care Cancer. 2021;29(12):7679-7686. doi:10.1007/s00520-021-06348-w

Moran H K, Brooks JV, Spoozak L. Undergoing active treatment for gynecologic cancer during COVID-19: A qualitative study of the impact on healthcare and social supportGynecol Oncol Rep. 2020;34:100659. doi:10.1016/j.gore.2020.100659

Petersen Harrington S, Balmaceda J, Spoozak L, Jewell A, Fitzgerald-Wolff S. Higher baseline BMI and lower estimated median income associated with increasing BMI after endometrial cancer diagnosisGynecol Oncol Rep. 2022;44:101123. Published 2022 Dec 13. doi:10.1016/j.gore.2022.101123

Petersen S, Shahiri P, Jewell A, et al. Disparities in ovarian cancer survival at the only NCI-designated cancer center in KansasAm J Surg. 2021;221(4):712-717. doi:10.1016/j.amjsurg.2020.12.009

Ratnaparkhi R, Spoozak L. When insight yields inaction: the role of implementation science in improving palliative care integrationAnn Palliat Med. 2023;12(2):274-279. doi:10.21037/apm-22-1438

Salyer C, Littell RD, Pearl ML, et al. Palliative care in gynecologic oncology: a narrative review of current literature and vision for the futureAnn Palliat Med. 2022;11(11):3542-3554. doi:10.21037/apm-22-708

Spoozak LA. I'm Going to Be So Sad When Nancy Hammond DiesJ Clin Oncol. 2019;37(36):3556-3557. doi:10.1200/JCO.19.02023

Spoozak L, Wulff-Burchfield E, Brooks JV. Rallying Cry From the Place in BetweenJCO Oncol Pract. 2020;16(8):451-452. doi:10.1200/OP.20.00183

Wulff-Burchfield E, Spoozak L, Finlay E. Palliative Chemotherapy and the Surgical OncologistSurg Oncol Clin N Am. 2021;30(3):545-561. doi:10.1016/j.soc.2021.02.008

Brooks J, Gorman K, McColm J, Martin A, Parrish M, Lee GT. Do patients with a short cervix, with or without an ultrasound-indicated cerclage, have an increased risk for a small for gestational age newborn?J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2022;35(18):3519-3524. doi:10.1080/14767058.2020.1827384

Chen CY, Essien MD, Johnson AJ, Lee GT, Chou FS. Use of mean platelet volume in the assessment of intrauterine infection in newborns with combined thrombocytopenia and leukopenia at birthJ Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2021;34(3):346-352. doi:10.1080/14767058.2019.1608174

Chou FS, Yeh HW, Chen CY, et al. Exposure to placental insufficiency alters postnatal growth trajectory in extremely low birth weight infantsJ Dev Orig Health Dis. 2020;11(4):384-391. doi:10.1017/S2040174419000564

Hagen G, Brown C, Dietrich J, Gibbs C, Lee GT. The Utility of Lower Glycemic Targets for Treating Gestational Diabetes: A Retrospective StudyJ Diabetes Res. 2019;2019:6372474. Published 2019 Dec 5. doi:10.1155/2019/6372474

He L, Lee GT, Zhou H, et al. Expression, Regulation, and Function of the Calmodulin Accessory Protein PCP4/PEP-19 in MyometriumReprod Sci. 2019;26(12):1650-1660. doi:10.1177/1933719119828072

Lee GT, Satyan MT, Grothusen JD, et al. A retrospective study comparing outcomes in a midwestern US population after introduction of IADPSG guidelines for gestational diabetesJ Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2019;32(1):67-72. doi:10.1080/14767058.2017.1371692

Malik A, Winchester ML, Gorman K, Parrott J, Parrish M. Left ventricular assist device in pregnancy: Case report and review of the literatureJ Obstet Gynaecol Res. 2021;47(4):1589-1593. doi:10.1111/jog.14699

Martinez O, Moran HK, Wolff SF, et al. Cerclage versus vaginal progesterone in low-risk pregnant women with a short cervixJ Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2022;35(25):9878-9883. doi:10.1080/14767058.2022.2065193

McCarty KL, Tucker M, Lee G, Pandey V. Fetal Inflammatory Response Syndrome Associated With Maternal SARS-CoV-2 InfectionPediatrics. 2021;147(4):e2020010132. doi:10.1542/peds.2020-010132

Nitsche JF, Lovell D, Stephens N, Conrad S, Bebeau K, Brost BC. The effects of heparin, aspirin, and maternal clinical factors on the rate of nonreportable cell-free DNA results: a retrospective cohort studyAm J Obstet Gynecol MFM. 2023;5(3):100846. doi:10.1016/j.ajogmf.2022.100846

Winchester ML, McCarther N, Cancino D, Fitzgerald S, Parrish M. Second trimester cerebroplacental ratio versus umbilicocerebral ratio for the prediction of adverse perinatal outcomesJ Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2022;35(25):7929-7935. doi:10.1080/14767058.2021.1938530

Winchester ML, Platzbecker R, McMahon M, Parrish M. Eculizumab Maintenance and the Prevention of Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Relapse During Pregnancy: A Case ReportJ Med Cases. 2019;10(12):343-344. doi:10.14740/jmc3397

Ahart ER, Gilmer L, Tenpenny K, Krase K. Improving resident well-being: a narrative review of wellness curriculaPostgrad Med J. 2022;postgradmedj-2022-141541. doi:10.1136/postgradmedj-2022-141541

Bassette E, Salyer C, McCammon S, Brooks JV, Spoozak L. Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship after Surgical Training: A Roadmap to the Future of Surgical Palliative Care [published correction appears in J Surg Educ. 2022 Oct 8;:]. J Surg Educ. 2022;79(5):1177-1187. doi:10.1016/j.jsurg.2022.05.005

Bassette E, Salyer C, McCammon S, Veazey Brooks J, Spoozak L. Value of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship After Surgical Training: Bridging the Gap for Improved Patient CareAm J Hosp Palliat Care. 2022;10499091221128966. doi:10.1177/10499091221128966

Coleman N, Spoozak L, McCammon SD, Cooper Z, Arnell T, Berlin A. Promoting Specialty Diversity in Hospice and Palliative Medicine: A Call to ActionJ Pain Symptom Manage. 2023;65(3):151-154. doi:10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2022.11.011

French V, Steinauer J. Sexual and reproductive health teaching in undergraduate medical education: A narrative review. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 2023;10.1002/ijgo.14759. doi:10.1002/ijgo.14759

French VA, Werner JL, Feng EJH, Latimer RA, Wolff SF, Wieneke CL. Provision of Onsite Childcare in US Academic Health Centers: What Factors Make a Difference?Womens Health Issues. 2022;32(1):74-79. doi:10.1016/j.whi.2021.08.005

Orlando MS, Moulder JK, Carrillo JF, et al. Chronic Pelvic Pain Educational Experience Among Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fellows and Recent Graduates: A Needs AssessmentJ Minim Invasive Gynecol. 2021;28(11):1903-1911. doi:10.1016/j.jmig.2021.04.021

Putman JG, Meister MR, Lenger SM, Lowder JL. Regional Performance of Apical Support Procedures at Time of Hysterectomy for Benign Indications: What Is the Role of Surgeon Training?Female Pelvic Med Reconstr Surg. 2021;27(7):421-426. doi:10.1097/SPV.0000000000000904

Salyer C, McCammon S, Bassette E, Landzaat LH, Spoozak L, Brooks JV. Facilitators and Barriers to Recruiting Surgeons into Hospice and Palliative Medicine TrainingJ Pain Symptom Manage. 2023;65(5):409-417. doi:10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2023.01.005

Witt LB, Wolff S, Shih G, French V. Abortion and contraception in medical school curricula: a survey of North American family medicine clinical curriculum directorsTeach Learn Med. 2023;1-9. doi:10.1080/10401334.2022.2163399

Bhattacharya B, Home P, Ganguly A, et al. Atypical protein kinase C iota (PKCλ/ι) ensures mammalian development by establishing the maternal-fetal exchange interfaceProc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020;117(25):14280-14291. doi:10.1073/pnas.1920201117

Foley E, Breit S, Marsh C, Ault K, Lydic M. Attitudes toward Rubella and Varicella Vaccination during Preconception CareKans J Med. 2021;14:215-219. Published 2021 Sep 1. doi:10.17161/kjm.vol1415205

McLaren H, Cancino D, McCulloch M, Wolff S, French V. Rates of complication for dilation and evacuation versus induction of labor in treatment of second trimester intrauterine fetal demiseEur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2022;277:16-20. doi:10.1016/j.ejogrb.2022.08.003

Mickelsen R, French V, Amaya S. Hydatidiform Mole with Coexisting Fetus and Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion: A Case ReportJ Endocr Soc. 2021;5(10):bvab129. Published 2021 Jul 25. doi:10.1210/jendso/bvab129

Winchester ML, Shahiri P, Boevers-Solverson E, et al. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Urine Drug Screening on Labor and DeliveryMatern Child Health J. 2022;26(1):124-130. doi:10.1007/s10995-021-03258-5

Ahart E, Luevano G, Marsh C. To freeze or not to freeze, what is the answer?Fertil Steril. 2023;119(2):195. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2022.12.020

Bernard A, Schumacher K, Marsh C. Endometrial Scratch (Injury): Does Timing Matter?J Family Reprod Health. 2019;13(2):85-88.

Foley E, Marsh C. Polycystic ovary syndrome: is a Western diet sabotaging our best efforts at management?Fertil Steril. 2019;112(4):653-654. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2019.06.020

Jang B, Rohr A, Vakharia PP, et al. Case report: interventional radiology's potential role for in vitro fertilization post ovarian transposition and pelvic radiationFertil Res Pract. 2019;5:4. Published 2019 Apr 2. doi:10.1186/s40738-019-0056-x

Kozai K, Moreno-Irusta A, Iqbal K, et al. The AKT1-FOXO4 axis reciprocally regulates hemochorial placentation. Development. 2023;150(2):dev201095. doi:10.1242/dev.201095

Martin CE, Lanham M, Almgren-Bell A, Marsh C, Omurtag K. A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the use of a web-based application to manage medications during in vitro fertilizationFertil Steril. 2021;116(3):793-800. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2021.04.022

Marsh C, McCracken M, Gray M, Nangia A, Gay J, Roby KF. Low total motile sperm in transgender women seeking hormone therapyJ Assist Reprod Genet. 2019;36(8):1639-1648. doi:10.1007/s10815-019-01504-y

Saha B, Ganguly A, Home P, et al. TEAD4 ensures postimplantation development by promoting trophoblast self-renewal: An implication in early human pregnancy lossProc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020;117(30):17864-17875. doi:10.1073/pnas.2002449117

Meister MR, Brubaker A, Sutcliffe S, Lowder JL. Effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin for Treatment of Symptomatic Pelvic Floor Myofascial Pain in Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisFemale Pelvic Med Reconstr Surg. 2021;27(1):e152-e160. doi:10.1097/SPV.0000000000000870

Meister MRL, Osazuwa-Peters OL, Lowder JL, Handa VL. Transition to surgery after pessary among female Medicare beneficiaries with pelvic organ prolapseAm J Obstet Gynecol. 2023;S0002-9378(23)00009-1. doi:10.1016/j.ajog.2023.01.006

Meister MR, Sutcliffe S, Ghetti C, Chu CM, Spitznagle TM, Lowder JL. A pilot trial of movement-based pelvic floor physical therapy to address pelvic floor myofascial pain and lower urinary tract symptomsInt Urogynecol J. 2022;10.1007/s00192-022-05353-9. doi:10.1007/s00192-022-05353-9

Meister MR, Zhou J, Chu H, et al. Non-invasive bladder function measures in healthy, asymptomatic female children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysisJ Pediatr Urol. 2021;17(4):452-462. doi:10.1016/j.jpurol.2021.04.020

Newman DK, Lowder JL, Meister M, et al. Comprehensive pelvic muscle assessment: Developing and testing a dual e-Learning and simulation-based training program. Neurourol Urodyn. 2023;10.1002/nau.25125. doi:10.1002/nau.25125

Wolfe E, Kowalik C, Sethapati VR, Meister MR. Rare periurethral fetal rhabdomyoma presenting as a vaginal massInt Urogynecol J. 2021;32(11):3095-3097. doi:10.1007/s00192-021-04744-8

Bakdash T, Marsh C. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Women in KansasJ Community Health. 2021;46(6):1148-1154. doi:10.1007/s10900-021-00994-1

de Mooij M, Foss O, Brost B. Integrating the experience: Principles for digital transformation across the patient journeyDigit Health. 2022;8:20552076221089100. Published 2022 Mar 30. doi:10.1177/20552076221089100

Grimstad FW, Fowler KG, New EP, et al. Ovarian Histopathology in Transmasculine Persons on Testosterone: A Multicenter Case SeriesJ Sex Med. 2020;17(9):1807-1818. doi:10.1016/j.jsxm.2020.05.029

Jacobson JD, Broussard JR, Marsh C, Newell B. Attenuation of Autoimmune Phenomena in a Patient with Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type 1Case Rep Endocrinol. 2021;2021:6009141. Published 2021 Dec 13. doi:10.1155/2021/6009141

Lee EB, Dilower I, Marsh CA, et al. Sexual Dimorphism in Kisspeptin SignalingCells. 2022;11(7):1146. Published 2022 Mar 28. doi:10.3390/cells11071146

Nitsche JF, Lovell D, Stephens N, Conrad S, Bebeau K, Brost BC. The effects of heparin, aspirin, and maternal clinical factors on the rate of nonreportable cell-free DNA results: a retrospective cohort studyAm J Obstet Gynecol MFM. 2023;5(3):100846. doi:10.1016/j.ajogmf.2022.100846

Robinson EF, Darby JP, Brost BC, Moulder JK. Minimum Case Numbers: The New Pandemic in a Changing Clinical EnvironmentJ Grad Med Educ. 2022;14(2):136-138. doi:10.4300/JGME-D-21-00719.1

Walcott Q, Dallman J, Crow H, Graves L, Marsh C. DXA Scan Variants in Transgender PatientsJ Clin Densitom. 2022;25(4):615-621. doi:10.1016/j.jocd.2022.02.004

Whynott RM, Summers K, Mickelsen R, Ponnuru S, Broghammer JA, Gray M. A Retrospective Cohort Study Evaluating Surgical Aptitude Over Time in a New Male-To-Female Penoscrotal Vaginoplasty ProgramJ Sex Med. 2020;17(9):1787-1794. doi:10.1016/j.jsxm.2020.05.032

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